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Denny's in Dubai

While most restaurants in Dubai close down at midnight, some even earlier, it is but refreshing to know that an all-day diner exists. Denny's is an all-day American diner which has ventured its way to the Middle East, now having a couple of branches in Dubai.

They serve all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, milkshakes, and desserts, perfect for when you get those late night cravings or when you want some sweet fix in the wee hours.

Add the fact that they serve American dishes which I grew up with (since the Philippines has a lot of American influences) and admittedly crave for every once in a while, I was very much excited when I got an invite from Denny's.


Tagging Mark along, we headed at Denny's in Al Ghurair for dinner last Friday. Brimming with bright lights and couches, the interiors are undeniably that of an American diner.

IMG_2130     IMG_2128


My craving for ice cream was just baffling the entire week, no wonder the milkshake was were my eyes got glued to when I checked the menu. :p I had Oreo Milkshake while Mark had Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake, both served in an old-fashioned ice cream glass. I already got giddy when they were served, more so when each came with an extra bit of milkshake in a tin glass alongside. Yay! :D

Mine had that authentic Oreo taste while Mark's tasted like Reese's! Yum!

Oreo Milkshake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake - AED 21 each

Kicking off our American feast are the Zesty Nachos and Buffalo Wings, as what our server recommended.

The Zesty Nachos came in a generous serving of cooked-to-order tortilla chips, Pepper Jack queso, shredded cheddar cheese, seasoned nacho meat, freshly made pico de gallo, and a dollop of sour cream. It was actually more meaty than cheesy, which I didn't mind. It had that authentic Mexican taste especially with the generous serving of the beefy salsa. We ordered only half a serving, but it came in a huge plate! Perfect for sharing.

Zesty Nachos - AED 26 (half serving)

The Buffalo Wings looked ordinary, but were crispy and delicious especially when dipped in the BBQ sauce. It also came with the Buffalo sauce, with spiciness that was just intolerable for my palates. Good thing the server suggested that we have the Buffalo sauce served separately, otherwise, I wouldn't have enjoyed the wings as much.

Buffalo Wings - AED 34

Our mains were steak dishes, Mark had Sirloin Steak while I opted for the Rib Eye Steak and Shrimps. Both also come with two side dishes of your choice. While both were eye candies, taste-wise it wasn't remarkable. For a steak dish though, the price is affordable.

Sirloin Steak with Mac 'n Cheese and Broccoli - AED 68

Mark had his 8 oz. Sirloin Steak cooked medium rare, but it was still hard to cut even with a knife. My 10 oz. medium well Rib Eye Steak was okay, but I thought the meat itself lacked flavor. The mushroom gravy and pepper gravy that came with it were good though.

The shrimps were also a downer as they were a bit overcooked. I also found the breading to rich and thick, which overpowers the taste of the shrimps. Maybe a lighter batter would do the trick.

Rib Eye Steak and Shrimp with Sautéed Veggies and Mac 'n Cheese - AED 81

The mac 'n cheese was okay but I must give it up for the sautéed veggies. The well seasoned veggies still had that crunch which I liked and the grated Parmesan was a nice addition.

Rib Eye Steak and Shrimp with Sautéed Veggies and Mac 'n Cheese - AED 81

While the mains were a bit of a downer, the dessert definitely didn't disappoint. The Pancake Puppies Sundae is a must try.

Pancake Puppies Sundae - AED 19

The vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate syrup tasted just like the usual, but what I loved were the pancake balls. The pancake balls had that crunchy crust which mellows to a soft and chewy core. Not sure if it was deep fried or baked, but I just loved how it wasn't oily at all.

I enjoyed how my teeth sank into the crunchy and chewy hot puppies, silky ice cream and whipped cream, and rich chocolate. It's divine in every bite!

Pancake Puppies Sundae - AED 19

Although there were a few misses, our overall dining experience was good. Staff was friendly and serving time was fast, which is also evident in the other tables being served. Maybe we should try their burgers, fried snacks, and sandwiches next time, as those are supposedly what American diners are experts at. :)

Denny's Al Ghurair - 15Apr16

For updates about Denny's in the Middle East you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Twitter: @Dennys_ME or Instagram: @dennys_me. You can also visit their website at

DENNY'S, Al GhurairDenny's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 5597838
Table reservation recommended
Nearest Metro Station: Union or Al Rigga (Red Line)

We were guests at Denny's and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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