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Dubai Food Festival: Gastronomic Tour at Global Village

Mark and I went on a special food tour around the world in celebration of the Dubai Food Festival at the all-new and revamped Global Village. Will do a separate post about the new Global Village, watch out for that. :)

Together with other foodies, we sampled unique and delicious offerings from participating food kiosks. We started off our gastronomic tour with fresh fruits at Thai Fruits. Having been born and raised in another South East Asian country, the Philippines, I grew up having almost all the fruits that Thai Fruits offer.

I was giddy seeing the fresh coconut so I made sure to get one. The juice was sweet and refreshing, it reminded me of what I used to have back home. I would have wanted to have my coconut cracked open to enjoy the meat, but I knew I had to make room for the rest of offerings for the night. :p

We also had rose apples which tastes like and looks like apples but less sweeter and bell-shaped. We call it macopa in the Philippines but ours is a bit smaller and has pink outer color and white meat.

We only have green guavas in the Philippines, so I got curious with red guava. First bite of it and I was sold! It was sweeter and more tender than the green ones that I used to have. It is best eaten with the salt-sugar-paprika dip. Thai Fruits' red guava is now my favorite!

Our next stop offers two of my favorites! Kebabs are all over Dubai and we also have pizza cones in the Philippines, so I was thinking what would make Kebab & Pizza stand out. But just when I thought that they offer the usual kebab & pizza, they definitely made my two favorites a notch higher!

The pizza cones are nothing short of gastronomic! They are easy to eat, although some sauce drip on the site when you bite, but at least they're a lot less messier than the traditional pizzas. I also love how the cheese gets concentrated as you go down the tip of the cone. Yummy! They also come in 4 flavors : vegetarian, margherita, pepperoni and supreme.

Pizza Cone - AED 15

I love Arabic kebabs and was kind of intrigued at how its Romanian counterpart competes, but the pizza was already filling so I had to beg off from the kebab. I had to admit though that I tried to win Mark over and get one for us to share, but he just won't let me. Anyhow, seeing this juicy-looking Romanian kebab on a fluffy bread with thick cut fries already made my day. :D 

Kebab with Fries - AED 20

Our yummy food was of course paired with even yummier drinks. Witch Bar won't definitely be unnoticed because of it Halloween-ish theme, complete with jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, skulls, smoke, and a witch with her witch-y laugh filling the air. :p

They offer delicious concoctions made more fun with smoke and bubbles. Mark got Black Widow (Pepsi and pomegranate - AED 22) while I had Godzilla (Mountain Dew and mixed berries - AED 15), both with smoke and bubbles (AED 8).

It was so amusing to drink. The drink comes in a smaller cup separate from the cup where the smoke and bubbles are, so it's safe as nothing of the smoke and bubbles gets in the drink. I also enjoyed the "pearls" in it which pop and burst with pomegranate flavor when you bite in it.

Their Dubai Food Festival special is the bloody juice, a deep red fizzy pomegranate "bloody" drink which comes in an IV bag. Funky! :p

Ya weely was were we got some pasta fix. Well, not quite for Mark and I as we just had our pasta for take away. Haha! :p For AED 28, their pasta is a steal as it comes in a generous serving with a choice of vegetable, chicken, beef, and seafood pastas with a choice of red, white, or pink sauce, all of which are topped with a hefty serving of parmesan cheese.

Dynamite Shrimp Popcorn is Ya weely's special for the Dubai Food Festival. Mark and I enjoyed munching on these crispy breaded bits of shrimps doused in a tangy dynamite sauce. Both the sauce and shrimps were a little spicy for my liking but I just tamed it down with the lettuce and cabbage where the shrimps sit. :p

Dynamite Shrimp Popcorn - AED 15

Among the stops that we had, the stop at Balqees Konafa was my most favorite! This is where we satisfied our sweet tooth. Konafa is a classic Arab confection which I have come to love. I make sure to get whenever it's present on the menu. So imagine how hyped I was when we got to this kiosk!

I was definitely sold on the first bite! With freshly made and smoking hot cheese konafa, with flaky and crispy crust which goes down to the gooey cheesy core, topped with Biscoff Lotus spread and Lotus biscuit crumbles, and Nutella with chopped pistachio, who wouldn't be hooked? Oh, I'm craving for it now! I wouldn't mind going back just for this!

We ended our feast with tea, as how the Middle Eastern people always do it. We had our teas at Taza Tea. I wasn't up for a hot tea, they have their namesake tea, a Moroccan, so I just had their Dubai Food Festival special, the Mixed Berry Mojito (AED 15). Such a refreshing way to end a gastronomic feast! :D

If you haven’t checked Global Village out yet, do check it out and don't forget to visit the "food street". The Dubai Food Festival already ended last March 12, but Global Village and the food kiosks are still open this season until April 9, 2016. Don't miss it!

Saturday to Wednesday
4 am to 12 am (Entry Gates closed at 11:30 pm)

Thurday, Friday, and Public Holidays
4 pm to 1 am (Entry Gates closed at 12:30 am)

Monday is Family Day
(Except Public Holidays)

RTA Transportation
The first route (103) starts from Union Station (Red and Green Line).
The second route (104) starts from Al Ghubaiba Station (Green Line).

The service runs from 3:15 pm until 11:15 pm, with 30 minutes of travel time.

For updates about Global Village you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Twitter: @GlobalVillageAE or Instagram: @globalvillageuae. You can also visit their website at

Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
and Emirates Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nearest Metro Stations: Union (Red & Green Lines) and Al Ghubaiba (Green Line).

We were guests at Global Village and our tickets and food were complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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