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Revisiting Tribeca

My first time in Tribeca was nothing short of amazing, so I was very much excited when we came back a couple of weekends back. Unlike when we first visited where the place is buzzing with people and lively music, Tribeca was more on the relaxed vibe that night.

I of course enjoy a lively crowd while sipping a glass of bubbly or cocktail drink, but every once in a while, it's also fun to just chill along with a soothing music and delicious food on a Friday night. And I must admit that I love Tribeca's vibe now. Perfect for an intimate date night! :D

Our orders were served a few minutes after we placed them. Mark took care of the starters. He chose Grilled Prawns and Baby Octopus Salad.

I was meaning to try the dishes that we've haven't tried before, but when Mark chose the prawns which we already had on our first visit, I definitely didn't mind. The prawns were marinated in olive oil with a hint of lemon, chili, and garlic, and were grilled to perfection. Served in a hefty pot, the Grilled Prawns were a great way to jump start our dinner.

Grilled Prawns - AED 70

We skipped salads before so we tried them out this time. And it was indeed a good decision. More than just an eye candy, Tribeca's Baby Octopus Salad is one of the best tasting salads that I've tried. Laying on a bed of fresh nutty rockets and smoked chickpeas, the grilled baby octopus were tender to the bite and had a hint of sweetness and saltiness which complement the char-grilled taste. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice adds up a perfect tang!

Baby Octopus Salad - AED 70

Our starters were a perfect pair with our cocktail drinks. I hate myself for not taking note of the names of our drinks but I believe mine is a mixture of watermelon and vodka, while Mark's had that citrus-y and minty taste. Both drinks were refreshing. Mark's drink had a stronger alcoholic kick than mine. And because both drinks were organic, our guilt were somehow lessened. :p

I took charge of the mains and chose Tribeca Burger and Fries and Tribeca Paleo Lasagne, plus our forever favorite Sweet Potato Fries.

I remember the burger being served with a Tribeca inscription written out of mayonnaise during our first visit, but they did away with it now. :p If my palates served me right, the pure ground beef was flame-grilled. I had it cooked medium well and I loved how the patty was cooked through yet still maintained its juiciness. The beetroot and caramelized onions added a hint of sweetness, which didn't really appeal to my palates, while the cajun mayo gave the dish a little zing. Apart from the uncanny taste brought about by the beetroot, the burger was good but not something to rave about. The dish was also served with fries.

Tibeca Burger and Fries - AED 75

I think I got a little too excited seeing lasagne in the menu since I knew how Mark love lasagne, but didn't actually notice the "Paleo" in it. :p Tribeca Paleo Lasagne came in a grilled aubergine filled with a generous mixture of organic bolognese, courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), and tomatoes, topped with diced capsicum plus some mixed greens on the side.

It actually tasted good, the bolognese was on the sweet side which I love and it had a generous serving of meat, courgette, and aubergine, but it just felt weird eating a viscous lasagne. I thought it would taste better with an actual lasagne pasta to add texture to the dish, but of course that wouldn't be Paleo anymore. :p

Tribeca Paleo Lasagne - AED 70

While our mains weren't really something to rave about, the Sweet Potato Fries yet again didn't let us down. The fries were not oily at all and the mushy sweet potato interior and crunchy core went well with the salt drizzles. I can eat this all day! Definitely a favorite!

Sweet Potato Fries - AED 30

Tribeca Cheesecake is a cheesecake like no other as it is served deconstructed in a 3-tier glass tower. The bottom tier, the cheesecake mixture, is steamed instead of baked giving it that odd yet interesting velvety texture. Mildly sweet and crisp almond crumble is on the second tier, and the top tier is a sweet and tangy passion fruit puree.

Tribeca Cheesecake - AED 40

I initially thought the serving was small but it felt like I was digging into a bottomless pit of goodness. The combination of flavors and play of textures, plus the ingenuity, make Tribeca Cheesecake another personal favorite!

Tribeca Cheesecake - AED 40

Aside from the Tribeca Paleo Lasagne, Tribeca also has a variety of choices from their Paleo Menu (launched just this February), which is a healthier addition to its already organic menu that promotes wholesome eating and good living.

Old time favorites and happenings at Tribeca also include the Big Apple Brunch, Retro Sunday Roast, Movie Mondays, Comedy Nights, Night Market, and Tribeca Sessions.

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* All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

We were guests at Tribeca and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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