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Cucina in Al Karama

Cucina is just one of the many restaurants here in Dubai that serves authentic Filipino food. Located in Al Attar Shopping Mall in Al Karama, which is just a few walks away from our home, this is where I always get my isaw fix.

Isaw is grilled chicken intestines, a Filipino street food, and whenever I'm craving for it, Cucina is where we go to. Their isaw is just like what we have back home, but this one is the expensive version. Well AED 10 is really not that much, but not if you know that you can get 3 sticks in the Philippines for not even AED 1. :p

Good thing the isaw was really delicious. I love drowning them in the mildly sweet and spicy, savory, and tangy vinegar sauce that come with it.

Isaw - AED 10 (3 sticks)

They also offer other Filipino specialties and delicacies. Their free soup, which is very evident in almost all Filipino eateries back home which is usually beef broth, is good and tastes just like the ones back home!

Kare-kare is okay but not something to rave about. It has generous beef and veggies, though, and is good for sharing, which is already a steal with its price. It also comes with alamang (fish paste) which is mildly sweet and salty.

Kare-kare - AED 20

They also have Crispy Dulong Okoy (fish fritters) which I find too oily and floury. I also got Sago't Gulaman, a usual drink paired for street foods, which is made of brown sugar syrup, with boiled water and pandan leaves, plus sago (tapioca pearls) and gulaman (gelatin). Cucina's version also captured the authentic drink's taste.

Crispy Dulong Okoy - AED 7

Sago't Gulaman - AED 7

The place is a bit small and is always packed with fellow Filipinos, so be sure to bring bags of patience if you want to satisfy your cravings. I think it would be best if they offer delivery services too.

CUCINA, Al KaramaCucina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Shop 41, Attar Shopping Mall
Al Karama, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 3359945
+971 (0)50 4599389
Nearest Metro Station: ADCB (Formerly Al Karama; Red Line)

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