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Nosh Friday Double Brunch at Movenpick Hotel JLT

Brunches seem to be a conventional affair for families in Dubai especially during weekends, Fridays more often. I must admit that I was overwhelmed during my first Friday Brunch experience which made me look forward to having to experience more of it. I have already experienced a couple of Friday Brunches, and each has its own way of making a lasting impression.

Got to experience another Friday brunch with Mark this time at Nosh Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. When I knew that they will be offering Thai Festival for the Friday Brunch, I was more than excited since I haven't quite tried eating Thai dishes before.

This chocolate fondue was what welcomed us when we walked into the restaurant. Cybelle, the Marketing and Communications Manager, gladly received us and ushered us to our table before touring us around.

Since it's Thai Festival, aside from the international dishes that they offer, Nosh also infused Thai cuisine in their spread.

I don't know with the rest of you, but seeing desserts never fails to boost my appetite. Mark and I usually have our desserts served with the rest of our mains and we sometimes eat desserts first, too. So it's a plus point for Nosh when they started their buffet spread with the desserts, just like what Ingredients in Anantara did on their Big Brunch.

Mark, being fond of desserts, got the usual cakes and pastries. His meticulous palates found the desserts good but not something to rave about. I on the other hand deviated from the usual desserts and mostly got the Thai offerings. There wasn't anything special with the ones I got, but I totally loved the Baked Pumpkin Custard. The mildly sweet and subtle nutty flavor of the velvety pumpkin complemented the sweet and creamy custard filling.

Following the dessert spread were the cheese, roasts, and breads sections.

Also present is a seafood offering on a bed of ice and a cart where you can have your Thai noodles cooked fresh.

The international offers also include other Asian dishes like tikka and tandoori and Mark's favorite, sushi.

Mark is a sucker for sushi and he never fails to fill his plate with this rolls of goodness whenever they are present in the spread. I must agree when Mark said that out of the restaurants that we've tried, Nosh Restaurant serves the best tasting sushi. I specifically love how the rice layer is so thin, making the generous flavorful filling stand out. I also loved the subtle seaweed taste of the nori wrapper. I'm not fond of nori but what Nosh used for their sushi wasn't that overpowering. Yum!

Brimming the inner section of the buffet is a medley of fresh vegetable, seafood, and cold salads and mezze...

...which leads to the selection of mains from beef and chicken, to fish and peking duck!

Mark got the Peking Duck Fried Rice while I tried the Thai dishes -- Green Chicken Curry and Sweet and Sour Fish.

Mark was silently eating his choice so I knew that there wasn't anything remarkable with what he got. Mine wasn't a show stopper too, but I loved the curry. It had that distinct curry taste but wasn't pungent and I loved how the sweet potato added a hint of sweetness to the dish.

Selected fruit juices and alcoholic cocktails are also available for self-service, but the staff also serves specialty beverages.

Mark and I both loved the Lemon Mint. I also got a non-alcoholic Mojito which was equally refreshing.

I was already eyeing the seafood station when we were being toured around. I guess Mark also did the same which is why when the restaurant manager offered to serve us with what we want, he immediately replied "seafood! :D". Yup, including that big grin! Haha!

Mark immediately dug into this bowl of goodness and nibbled the crabs. I wasn't able to taste it because he even got the crabs from my bowl. :p The seafood were stir-fried and cooked with light soy sauce, garlic, chili, and thai spices, if my palates served me right. The shrimps were sweet and supple, the squid were tender and divine. There's a nice balance of sweet, tang, and spicy kick. Coming in huge bowls, the shrimps, crabs, and squids were definitely the stars of our brunch.

Nosh also setup a nook for the little ones at the far end of the restaurant. They provided activity and play area and some cute treats for kids to enjoy.

Just downstairs from Nosh is Urban Bar & Kitchen where the grilled food and sides are housed.

While Nosh had that laid back and relaxed vibe, UBK exudes that typical pub ambience. They also serve different types of booze perfect for an afternoon outdoor BBQ.

Overall dining experience at Nosh was nice. The spread was extensive and the service was good. One thing that I didn't like was the setup of the restaurant. We were seated at the other side of the restaurant where we had to pass a flight of stairs to get to the buffet. It's good though that the staff is always attentive and ready to assist.

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Friday Double Brunch
12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

AED 205 per person including buffet and soft beverages
AED 315 per person including buffet and selected beverage package
AED 535 per person including buffet, selected beverage package and bubbly
Kids under six dine complimentary. Kids from six to twelve get 50% discount.

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Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Cluster A, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 4 438 0000
Nearest Metro Station: Jumeirah Lakes Towers (Red Line)

We were guests at Nosh Restaurant and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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