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Hair Keratin Treatment at Infinity Beauty Salon & Spa

It has been 2 years since my last hair treatment. It was still back in the Philippines when I had my hair curled. I sported a long curly hair for over a year, after which I cut short before I left for Dubai.

I have a naturally straight hair, which I got from my Mom, so I seldom had to worry about bad hair days. I would also have hair relaxing treatments just once in a while.

I am not sure if it's because of the weather or the usually hot water from the showers, but my hair suddenly became dull and dry. I can no longer sport the wash-and-wear hair so I had to have it ironed almost every single day, which of course made my hair's condition worse.

I had been meaning to try out the keratin hair treatment which is offered in almost all salons here in Dubai, but I just haven't got the time. Good thing I finally got to try it yesterday at Infinity Beauty Salon & Spa, with Ate Cherry and Tita Liz, who have been raving about the salon's keratin treatment.

Hidden at the heart of Satwa in Dubai, the modest and unassuming vibe from the outside was suddenly replaced by elegance the moment I walked into the salon. The black and red couches were very chic, while the hallway to the spa and massage area was calming.

Was greeted by Ms. Ana, the owner, when we got into the salon. She then handed me over to Cathy, who did my hair treatment. My hair was shampooed twice and blow-dried, and then the application of the keratin treatment transpired soon after.

Hair Keratin Treatment - starts at AED 350 (depending on hair length)

The chemical was left to sit on my hair until it was dry and then another round of blow-drying occurred. The last phase of the treatment, and the tedious part, was ironing the hair per section. In less than two hours, my hair was transformed from being dry and unruly to smooth and silky! :D

Ate Cherry also had her hair done (hers was finished in a little over an hour) and we both loved the outcome.

Hair Keratin Treatment - starts at AED 350 (depending on hair length)

Aside from hair and nail care, Infinity Beauty Salon & Spa also offers massages, Moroccan Bath (AED 120), and spa treatments. Tita Liz is an avid fan of their Full Body Massage (AED 150) and Deep Cleansing Facial (AED 100) services.  I love massages too, so I'd definitely try it out on my next visit.

Their Moroccan Bath (AED 120) facility was a lot spacious than with the other salons that I've tried. They also offer treatment and service packages at a reasonable price. Surely a great way to pamper yourself without having to slash a lot from your budget.

I also got to experience how the staff takes care of their clients. Everybody was friendly. They never failed to ask if I wanted something to drink or read. They also constantly check and make sure that customers feel comfortable.

Cherry and I with Ms. Ana :)

I am so happy with my hair now. Mark is even happier since I'd no longer have to whine about how ugly my hair looks. He even said that my prep time would finally be cut short. Haha! :p

It's still just 24 hours after the treatment and I'm still loving my hair. Follow me on Instagram: @kriskamarie or Snapshat: kriskamarie to see how my hair would look like in the coming days. :D

For updates about Infinity Beauty Salon & Spa, you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Instagram: @infinitybeautysalonspa.

2nd Floor, Room 204, Al Maha Bldg.
Al Diyafa, Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
same building with Mini Chinese Restaurant
For reservations, call:
Tel: No: 04 398 1737
Mobile: 052 738 8843

Timing: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Daily

My hair keratin treatment was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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