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Pies with Attitude at Pie Face

For someone who is used to having rice as an essential part of a meal, pies don't usually tickle my fancy. I'm not also used to having dessert pies. They would usually be a choice for snacks or sometimes for light dinners, if I'm watching my food intake.

But when I saw pies with faces on my Instagram feed, from the people that I follow both from the Philippines and from Dubai, I must admit that I got curious of what the hype was all about.

We got to try out Pie Face in Dubai Marina a few weekends back. We were supposed to have it during the afternoon, but since it's still summer in Dubai and the weather is still not conducive to an afternoon al fresco dining, we decided to visit the place on dinner time.

We were greeted and ushered to our seats by one of the staff who were all smiles. The cafe's fun and cozy interiors were what I noticed next. The hanging lights and chairs gave that industrial vibe, while the graffiti and smileys on the walls exude a playfulness.

Choosing what to have was a bit of a struggle, in a happy way, since everything on the menu was inviting.

I'm not sure with Mark and Cherry, but I felt giddy and happy seeing all those smiley pies on the racks. :D

I love how Mary Rose, the staff who attended to us, was knowledgeable about the products and was very patient with all our queries. She even suggested their best-sellers which we made sure not to miss.

For the drinks, Mark and I had their Iced Refresha while Cherry opted for some coffee. Both iced teas were refreshing but I liked the Fresh Berry Iced Tea more as it had the right amount of sweetness and tang. Cherry was somehow disappointed with the coffee as it didn't have that strong kick which she loves. Turns out hers was decaf. Haha! She apparently didn't hear it when she was asked about how she likes to have her coffee: strong, medium, or decaf. :p

Fresh Lemon Iced Tea, Fresh Berry Iced Tea, and Cappuccino

We all had the Pielicious Meals. It includes any of their regular savory pies plus a choice of two sides. The sides can be from their tasty sides or sweet pies. You can choose to have two tasty sides, two sweet pies, or one of each. And for only 22 AED per meal, down from 28 AED, this is such a steal!

Packed with chunks of beef steak, onions, garlic, dijon mustard, cracked black pepper and green peppercorns, and a dash of fresh cream gravy, the Peppered Steak Pie passed Mark's meticulous palates. I loved how the combination of flavors wasn't that strong and worked well altogether. I just found it too spicy for my liking, but if you're into spicy food, this will definitely be a hit!

Peppered Steak Pie, Honey Date & Nut Pie, and Chocolate Pie

Since Mark is a sucker for sweets, he went for the two sweet pies for his Pielicious Meal. The Honey Date and Nut Pie was okay, I love the play of texture from the pastry, chunky dates and nuts, and gooey honey syrup, but it somehow paled into comparison with the Chocolate Pie.

Chicken Mushroom Pie was what Cherry had for her regular pie. I would have wanted to order the same too, but she was just too quick. Good thing she had me get a taste of it. :p The succulent chicken chunks and mushroom slices coated with the well-seasoned creamy sauce were heaven on my palates. This became our instant favorite!

The Cherry Pie was a downer. The red cherry tart was juicy but was a bit too sour and overpowered the sweet buttery pastry even if the filling wasn't too generous. The Potato Wedges, though crispy and not oily, were also bland.

Chicken Mushroom Pie, Cherry Pie, and Potato Wedges

I just settled for the Classic Minced Beef Pie since Cherry already had the Chicken Mushroom Pie. Among the three savory pies that we ordered, this one is the least of our favorites. There was a generous filling of ground beef, and I can taste the onions and carrots plus the seasoned gravy, but it sort of had that Indian or Arabic spice taste which I personally thought didn't go well with the pastry.

The Apple Pie was not something to rave about but I prefer this over the Cherry Pie. Filling wasn't that generous too. The Russian Salad, though in a generous serving, was a bit of a let down as it lacked flavor. I think a little salt and pepper will do the trick. The veggies had that crunch which shouted out freshness, though.

Classic Minced Beef Pie, Apple Pie, and Russian Salad

The savory pies have that flaky yet dense pastry which is not oily at all. I loved how the pastry wasn't too sweet or salty, which definitely brought out the flavors of the generous savory fillings. The sweet pies had that mildly sweet puff pastry which is also dense and complements the fillings well.

Noticed how the eyes on all the pies were closed? Not sure if it was just me, but it came involuntary when I took a bite of the pies especially the Chicken Mushroom Pie, I suddenly closed my eyes and savored all the goodness! Now I finally figured why! :p

We all fell in love with the Chocolate Pie that we had another round of it! I got curious as to how the Raspberry White Chocolate Pie would compare so I also got one.

Chocolate Pie and Raspberry White Chocolate Pie
3 Minis - 22 AED

I guess we were all excited when our Pielicious Meals were served, that I wasn't able to take photos of the savory pies' fillings. So when we had another round of sweet pies, I made sure to get some shots before they instantly end up in our tummies. :p

With its rich chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce filling bundled in a buttery sweet pastry, and then covered with Belgian chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, the Chocolate Pie surely is a chocolate lover's delight! It is best eaten cold, if not chilled, and you'll feel like you're eating an ice cream pie. :p

Chocolate Pie

The Raspberry White Chocolate Pie had the same consistency with the Chocolate Pie. It has a delightful combination of raspberry and white chocolate mouse bundled in a sweet pastry, giving that right amount of sweetness with a tangy kick. This one is also good but my heart (and palates) still goes to the Chocolate Pie. :D

Raspberry White Chocolate Pie

The menu says that the sweet pies go well with vanilla ice cream too! I'd definitely try that with the Chocolate Pie on my next visit. :-p~

Aside from the sweet pies, they also offer indulgent sweets that are also hand-crafted and baked fresh everyday. The staff suggested that we try out their brownies, which Mark immediately agreed on. :p

Chocolate Walnut Brownie a la mode

I got drooling when this was served. The chocolate brownie had that chewy crust yet moist core. The walnuts added texture to the decadent brownie. Oh, and the vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup made the brownie more delectable!

Mark satisfying his sweet tooth :D

Just when we thought that we'll be having a light dinner, it turned out to be another gastronomic treat! The pies were light but very filling. Overall dining experience was also great and made even more fun and enjoyable by the commendable service. Aside from the pies and desserts, they also offer a number of sandwiches which I still have yet to try.

It's a big no-no when they say that "you've got an attitude", but it's definitely not the case with pies! :D Thank you so much, Pie Face, for having us!

For updates about Pie Face in UAE, you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Instagram: @piefaceme.

PIE FACE BAKERY CAFE, Dubai MarinaPie Face Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Trident Building, Marina Walk
Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (0)4 5531084
Nearest Metro Station: Dubai Marina (Red Line)

We were guests at Pie Face and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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