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Modern Japanese Cuisine at 5th Taste

Hi dear readers! I'm Gia, contributor of Sweet Nothings. :D Together with Jeffrey Perida, photographer, we were sent by Kriska, my sister and the owner of this blog, to cover the food tasting event in 5th Taste Restaurant last Saturday, July 25.

Hi, I'm Gia! :D

5th Taste is a Japanese fusion restaurant in the Philippines which offers modern Japanese dishes with a twist. As avid fans of Japanese dishes, Jeff and I were very excited for the event and can no longer wait to taste the dishes as we were intrigued with the terms “modern” and “twist” which came with the invitation that was sent to us. We were also thinking what the edge of this restaurant could be from all other Japanese restaurants.

As we were driving along P. Guevarra St. in San Juan and looking for the address, we were surprised to find out that the number of the houses/establishments there weren’t in order so we had a hard time looking for the place. Adding the drizzle and heavy traffic, we were convinced that we were already late for the event as the call time was 6:00 PM. We were already past the call time so we decided to call Ms. Nana, the community manager of 5th Taste, to ask for directions. She patiently assisted and gave us instructions and directions until we finally we came to 5th Taste around 7:30 PM.

Jeff, Ms. Nana, and I :)

Ms. Nana welcomed us with a sweet smile and introduced herself with a warm handshake and courteously ushered us to our table even though we’re already late. :D The food tasting was held at the first floor at Tamayaki, a sister-company of 5th Taste which is just located on the second floor.

We weren't able to taste the first two dishes since we were late. The first dish that was served and part of their starters was Deconstructed Miso Soup (PHP 98 – miso broth, silken tofu, pork floss, and leeks), while the second dish and part of their sushi selection was Smoked Mackerel Maki (PHP 150 – smoked mackerel flakes with mango).

The other guest bloggers were already on their third dish when we joined them.  The first dish that we had tasted and third dish for them (because obviously we're late, hehe) and also part of their starters was Mussels Tempura.

Mussels Tempura - PHP 150

Lightly battered mussels with wasabi mayo and sweet eel dressing duo, these little balls of goodness looked like calamari-sort-of-takoyaki and tasted like California maki with a crunch!  Really lots of twists here, hehe. I really don’t like to put wasabi whenever I eat sushi but after I tasted this dish, I must say that I already have the love for wasabi now! Haha!

Moving on to the next dish and one of their pizza offerings, we had Kani Salad Pizza. I really love kani salad so when I saw this dish, I was really excited then to grab a slice of it. It looks like pizza and tastes like Kani Salad. The shredded kani, cucumber, carrot ribbons, mozzarella, and Japanese mayo all over a thin crust made this dish more unique. I can say that this is the modern and easy way to eat a salad on a crust. Two thumbs up for this bright idea!

Kani Salad Pizza - PHP 225

Next dish served and one of their sandwiches was the 5th Taste Cheesesteak Sandwich. It's just like the usual cheesesteak sanwiches, but with a Japanese twist with its stir-fried beef sukiyaki. It also had mozzarella cheese on ciabatta bread with fries on the side.

5th Taste Cheesesteak Sandwich - PHP 200

A cheesy steak on a sandwich with plain salted fries on the side will definitely put a huge smile in your face and of course on your tummy as flavors burst in your mouth in each bite. With the smell of this mouth-watering dish, you’ll surely can’t resist to take a bite or even finish this in an instant!

5th Taste Cheesesteak Sandwich - PHP 200

Second to the last dish and one of their Omurice curry dishes was the Crispy Chicken Curry. The dish consists of lightly crisped chicken and Omurice (steamed rice wrapped in omelette with Japanese curry and mozzarella cheese). I thought that these were two separate dishes because of the classy appearance of the Omurice itself.

Crispy Chicken Curry - PHP 220

The Japanese curry really complemented the Omurice and the crispiness of the chicken. I can say that the Japanese curry really stood out in this dish which brought out the perfect combination of the two.

Crispy Chicken Curry - PHP 220

And last but not the least, here comes one of their main courses, the Jalapeño Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu. Another dish that I’m dying to eat, tonkatsu! It might look like just an ordinary tonkatsu that you used to order and eat on your favorite Japanese restaurants but it’s not. The tonkatsu is stuffed and filled with creamy jalapeño and onion cream cheese which gives a kick on your tongue. And I can compare its texture and taste to cordon bleu. It is also served Japanese sauce and slaw on the side.

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu - PHP 325

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu - PHP 325

There, we had the five of the seven dishes and I can say that all of them had their own uniqueness and twists that made each of them really an eye-candy and palate-satisfying at the same time. It was really an amazing experience to taste these different dishes. It's as if every bite brought us to heaven! The awesome twists and ideas of the owner on each dish will definitely bring 5th Taste at the top of other Japanese restaurants out there. And I must say that 5th Taste is really worth coming back for! Highly recommended! :D
 Minimalist Interiors at 5th Taste

Jeff and I, with the guys from Booky Manila.
Thank you, 5th Taste, for having us!

For updates about 5th Taste you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Instagram: @5thtasteph.
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453 P. Guevarra St.
San Juan, Rizal
+63 2 705 1856

We were guests at 5th Taste and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

* All photos were taken with an iPhone 4.
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