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Burger Hood: The Way Burgers Should Be

We got to visit another burger haven in Dubai a few weekends back. Mark got invited by his client, who happens to be the owner of Burger Hood, to try out their specialties, so he tagged me and Cherry along. Yay! :D

Burger Hood was initially opened to serve high-quality gourmet burgers to Abu Dhabi’s community, until it eventually branched out in Dubai. And I'm sure glad that they did. :D

Located in Al Wasl Vita Mall, Burger Hood evidently exudes that traditional American diner vibe with a modern twist.

The open kitchen and homey touches like the milk bottle light shades and butcher block tables definitely gave the restaurant a sleek modernist look. The high open ceiling on the other hand exhibits an industrial vibe.

Burger Hood is inspired by American diners but it definitely brought casual dining a notch higher with its burgers made from grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, along with mushroom burgers, steak sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, desserts, and shakes.

I liked how the  menu was straight forward, with not too many choices. The staff who attended to us was also keen in answering our questions and suggesting their best-sellers, which lessened the burden (a good burden, I  must say, if there's even such) on my end in choosing what to have.  :p

Sides and Drinks

We had Lemon Mint for our drinks and some fries and onion rings to go with our burgers. The Lemon Mint had that balance of sweetness and tang from the lemon and that refreshing kick from the mint. I already felt my acid reflux acting up with a few sips, but I didn't mind as this drink was just so good. :D

Lemon Mint - AED 25.00

Mark opted for the regular french fries with melted cheese for his sides. Although everything with cheese is a hit for me, there's really nothing to rave about this one. If there's one consolation, though, it's that the thick-cut fries weren't oily.

Regular French Fries - AED 12.00 (with melted cheese - additional AED 7.00)

Cherry also wanted some fries and I was supposed to beg off when the staff suggested that we try their hand-cut fries, but we took her word for it when she said that we won't be disappointed.

Simple as it may look, these hand-cut fries served in a cone container was surprisingly delicious. The color was more vibrant and I can really taste the freshness of the potatoes. It was seasoned just right that it was delectable as is. True to the staff's word, this definitely didn't disappoint!

Hand-cut Fries - AED 19.00

I chose the shaved onion rings for my sides. Onion rings tend to be soggy, but this one was different. Each onion ring was thinly-cut and lightly-coated with a well-seasoned batter which made it crispy all throughout.

Shaved Onion Rings - AED 15.00

I can't figure out what spices and seasonings were used for the batter, but it had a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy kick. It also came with a choice of dips, which were left untouched as the savory onion rings were already good as is. Saying that the onions rings were a hit, is an understatement. I highly recommend it!

I was still nursing an upset stomach due to my acid reflux, and oily food is a big no-no. So when I saw the Zero Fat Burger in the menu, I already knew what to have. It has a lean patty made from grass-fed beef, thereby containing less than 1% fat by weight compared with 25-30% fat in regular beef.

Although I knew that it won't be as juicy as how I'd like my burger to be, because it's zero-fat, I love how the beef tasted fresh and that it had all pure meat. The cheddar added a hint of saltiness while the lettuce, tomato, and onion gave a hint of sweet and savory taste. The BH special sauce was also a great complement and made the burger more delectable. The soft wholemeal bun was also a nice contrast in texture with the chunky veggies, gooey cheese, and pure beef.

Zero Fat Burger - AED 30.00

Mark had the Burger Hood Burger, as what the staff suggested to be one of the best-sellers. I was already drooling when this was served. With the looks of it, I can already tell that Mark will definitely approve of it. And I was right. I already believed him when he said that it was good, more so when he let me have a bite of it. It was more than delicious!

With two juicy beef patties topped with a slice each of American cheddar which gradually melts with the heat from the beef, fresh tomato and lettuce, plus BH special sauce, sandwiched in a soft buttery brioche bun, what can possibly go wrong?

Burger Hood Burger - AED 48.00

There's also the Cheese Burger, which is like the single-patty-and-single-cheese version of the Burger Hood Burger, which is equally delectable.

Cheese Burger - AED 30.00

Cherry had Mushroom and Swiss, with the same grass-fed beef patty, topped with Swiss cheese and mushroom sauce, and is sandwiched in a buttery brioche bun. She had nothing but praises in every bite.

Mushroom and Swiss - AED 35.00

I was already full from the burgers and sides and had no room for dessert. But Mark was up for it so he got an order of the Molten Chocolate Cake. This eye candy was very close to changing my mind, but my tummy just won't permit, so this plate of goodness was left for Mark to devour.

With the very rich vanilla ice cream on top of a chocolate-drizzled moist chocolate cake with hot chocolate ganache at the core, this chocolate overload sure is a perfect way to wrap up our gastronomic feast! :D

Molten Chocolate Cake - AED 25.00

When asked what makes Burger Hood stand out from the rest of the burger joints in Dubai, the manager said that Burger Hood takes pride of their healthier burgers, where fat content is less than 15%, a lot less than the usual percentage of fat in the normal beef burgers which can go up to 25-30%.

The burger patties at Burger Hood are made juicy enough to sustain the perfect taste along with being healthy. And true enough, this, I must agree, is the way burgers should be. Knowing that you can still indulge in good food with less the guilt, and being treated with good customer service, this is what makes them stand out.

Mark with Mutasem, the Restaurant General Manger

Thank you so much, Mr. Mutasem, for the warm welcome, and Dr. Sultan, for the invite!

For updates about Burger Hood, you can visit and like them on Facebook:, or follow them on Instagram: @burgerhood or Twitter: @burger_hood. You can also visit their website at

BURGER HOOD, DubaiClick to add a blog post for Burger Hood on Zomato
Al Wasl Vita Mall
52 A Street Al Wasl Rd., Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 04 344 5599
Hours: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

We were guests at Burger Hood and our meal was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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