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Pumpy's Restaurant & Confectionery

Well hello, March! A day delayed, I know. Just can't believe it's March already and I've been away from home for more than 6 months now. Oh how time flies. And just as how fast the day goes by, it's as if the piling up of my backlogs are twice as fast, well I guess even more! Such an inefficient blogger, I know. So let me make it up to you and cross out my backlogs one by one. :p

In my first few months here in Dubai I had to spend most of the time all on my own, as Mark is currently staying in Abu Dhabi and I still don't have friends here. There were times when I'd even stay inside my room the whole day and would just go out to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen. Haha!

So imagine how delighted I was when my high school girl friend got to Dubai just a couple of months after I came here and got a place in the same neighborhood where I live! :D

I immediately met with her over a scrumptious dinner a couple of days after she arrived. We would also usually meet with each other especially when we've got nothing to do. :p

Cat's older sister is here in Dubai too, and has been here for a couple of years already, so although I'm still a new-comer, Cat is relatively newer but she's wandered around Dubai more than I did. She was actually the one who introduced me to where the best-tasting shawarma is.

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I was first introduced to Pumpy's when we decided to catch up over some shawarma and avocado juice right after we heard the Sunday mass together.

Pumpy's offers confectioneries from pastries to cakes to desserts, and a variety of food from pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches to shawarmas, fresh juices, and shakes.

And because Cat has been raving about their shawarma, fries, and avocado shake, I ordered the same.

IMG_0063Appetizer: pickled chili, cucumber, carrots, and radish

I initially fell in love with the avocado juice on my first sip! It tasted really fresh and I love how it had just the right amount of milk, the avocado was really evident. I also loved the mild sweetness of the shake because of the pure honey in it.

IMG_0067Fresh Avocado Juice - 6.00 AED (small), 8.00 AED (medium), 10.00 AED (large)

The fries were just ordinary, just like the usual fries, but I loved that it's not too oily and it also has no salt. What made it standout was the garlic mayo dip that came with it. The dip was so good. If my palates serve me right, I think there's also a bit of yogurt in the dip. The mild sweetness from the mayo, the sour kick from the yogurt, and that tang from the garlic were a perfect blend!

French Fries - 5.00 AED (small), 7.00 AED (medium), 10.00 AED (large)

The shawarma was not the one that I used to have back home, with beef, onions, tomatoes, and all, but it definitely was delicious. The filling was very generous. It had chicken slices, potatoes, herbs, cucumber, and chili, plus that distinct Arabic spice taste. The pita bread wasn't also the usual as this one was thinner which I liked. I've already tried shawarmas from a couple of other restaurants and I must agree with Cat that Pumpy's is the best-tasting so far.

IMG_0069Shawarma - 5.00 AED

And since then, meeting up has become our nightly thing and Pumpy's has become our favorite hangout. We would usually go straight to Pumpy's for some avocado juice after our evening run or for some midnight snack.

Their shawarma, fries, and avocado shake have been our usual order as we catch up and talk about random stuff and about our Dubai life. The shawarma has also become my favorite that I would always buy some too for take away. :D
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Too bad Cat and I don't get to see each other as often and we don't get to catch up at our favorite hangout as we used to a couple of months back because of our busy schedules. I just hope our schedules would meet so we could continue with our nightly thing. I miss you, girl friend! :D

PUMPY'S RESTAURANT & CONFECTIONERYClick to add a blog post for Pumpy's on Zomato
Near Al Manama Supermarket, Sana Signal
Al Karama, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Operating hours: 08:30 AM-01:00 PM, 02:30 PM-11:30 PM
Nearest Metro Station: ADCB (formerly Al Karama, Red Line)

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