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Helpling: The Easy Way to Clean Your Home

Living in Dubai for almost five months now, I have come to learn doing a lot of things all on my own, especially the house chores. And because I'm sharing a house with two meticulous ladies, Tita Lilibeth and Ate Cherry, I see to it that I maintain the cleanliness of our house especially on my assigned cleaning day.

Cleaning the house could be so exhausting especially for me who's not used to doing it, but thank God for Helpling, I was spared from doing all the hard work on my cleaning day last Saturday. I was lucky to be given a 3-hour free cleaning service! Yay!

Helpling, a Rocket Internet venture, is officially launched in the city that brings you the best of everything! Now in Dubai, Helpling offers clients a comfortable and safe way of ordering insured, tested, and professional cleaners for their homes via their online platform.

Using Helpling is as easy as 1-2-3. Clients will just need to register and enter their postcode, select how much of their house needs cleaning and the required hours, then make an appointment by paying online up-front. Customers are not charged until after the job is done. Helpling’s sophisticated matching algorithm will then suggest the right cleaner based on location and availability.

The service cost is fixed at 35 AED per hour with a minimum of three hours per cleaning service, which needs to be booked 48 hours in advance. If a customer likes a particular cleaner, they are also able to re-book them. Customers are also able to set up recurring periodic cleans.

In terms of selecting the cleaners, Helpling performs background checks before hiring to ensure all cleaners are experienced, trustworthy, and legally engaged in the business.

IMG_1720Thank you, Jun Maya, for a job well done! :)

Maya was the cleaner assigned for my booking. After giving her some instructions and providing her with all the cleaning materials that she needed, she immediately started with what she does best.

IMG_1723IMG_1727 IMG_1725IMG_1726
For the 3-hour cleaning service, Maya was able to do a good job in cleaning our kitchen, our bathroom, and our balcony.

IMG_1729 IMG_1731
She was very meticulous and she made sure that all the smallest details and corners of the house are clean.

IMG_1732 IMG_1735
Overall, service was commendable. Even the two meticulous ladies approved of Maya's work.

So if you've got no time to clean, don't fret. If you want to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a squeaky-clean home, let Helpling do the job for you!

And because Helpling aims to make cleaning services easily accessible to your homes and help you save time for the more important things in life, they're giving away a 1 hour free cleaning service to residents in the Dubai.

Book a cleaning maid online now at and use the voucher code: HelplingLovesKriska to get an hour of free cleaning service!

Special thanks to Maya for a job well done! Thank you also to Ms. Zoha Sohail, Helpling Sales and Marketing Manager, for letting me experience Helpling's services for free.

For updates about Helpling in Dubai, you can visit and like them on Facebook: or follow them on Instagram: @helplingae and Twitter: @HelplingAe. You can also visit their website:

The cleaning service was complimentary, but as always, this post is sincerely written and all views and opinions are my own.

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