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The Bayview Restaurant

Aside from the rides and shops for souvenirs and refreshments, a number of restaurants are also housed at Ocean Park Hong Kong. One of which is The Bayview Restaurant where we chose to have our lunch as we were waiting for the rain to stop.

The place was packed when we arrived. We were in the waiting queue but not for long. We got to score a table for 3 at the far end of the restaurant. It would have been more fun though if we were seated near the windows so we can indulge with the awe-inspiring view of the sea. But it was a bit foggy as it was still raining, so I didn't mind. :p
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The Bayview Restaurant is a self-service type, so we immediately checked out their dishes in the ordering area situated near the entrance once we got our table settled.

The restaurant offers a diverse range of cuisines, including Indian dishes, not to mention, diners may watch as their food is being cooked in the restaurant's open kitchen. I kind of had a hard time choosing what to have because everything seemed to get me drooling. Haha!

I already lost hold of the receipt and no longer remember the names of the dishes, but if there's one thing that I'll never forget, it's the huge and generous servings! Just like this rice noodle soup with pork and mushroom balls for Mark and Indian chicken curry with rice for his mom.

Mark's stomach was already fine but I guess he just didn't want to risk not having to get to enjoy another fun day, just like when we were in Hong Kong Disneyland, so he still opted for a light meal. I got to taste this dish and I liked it! The noodles had that nice bite and a subtle hint of sweetness. The veggies still had that crunch which I liked. The pork and mushroom balls were a winner too! My palates kind of wanted a little more saltiness in the soup though, but I guess Mark was able to enjoy it.

Mark's mom had Indian chicken curry with rice, and aside from being awed at how huge the serving was, she gave no raves nor rants about this dish.

I was actually torn between the spaghetti bolognese and the barbecue ribs but finally gave in to the latter after so much drooling. :p And I'm glad I made the right choice. This big slab of fork tender pork barbecue ribs with sweet and tangy sauce definitely brought sunshine to my already gloomy mood. The steamed vegetable sides were also an added delight.

And to add more to the sunshiny feel, each of our meals came with a free cup of ice cream! :D

Our dining experience actually lifted my mood that I totally didn't mind the thought of having to call it a day after our lunch because of the rain. Good thing the rain stopped when we finished our lunch so we got to enjoy our hearts out at Ocean Park. The Bayview Restaurant was indeed, literally and figuratively, a ray of sunshine! :D

The Summit Cable Car Station
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Tel: (852).3923.2323
Fax: (852).2873.5584
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