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I still have a couple of Hong Kong stories up on my plate but I just also don't wanna miss out on sharing with you my most recent adventures, so I thought of going ahead and write about my Dubai adventures and just inject some Hong Kong stories (as throwback posts) every once in a while. Good idea? Well I hope so. And I also hope you guys will bear with me. :D

I arrived in Dubai on a Sunday night, last August 24. Mark picked me up at the airport and we headed straight to our house in Bur Dubai. After having some rest when we had all our things settled, we went out for some late dinner.

And because I'm totally not familiar with the place, I just let Mark decide on where we'll eat. We dined at Ravi Restaurant in Al Karama, which is just a few blocks away from our house.

It was already late in the evening, around midnight, but the restaurant is still packed. Good thing we were able to score a table for two. Our seats gave us an ample view of the restaurant.

The restaurant has two sections, one for males (if you're a male and you're dining alone or you're with an all-male group) and one for families and females. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned but there were also some wall fans available. I guess they're turned on in times when the temperature's too high. There's also an al fresco dining area, but it was just too hot that time even at night so we opted to eat inside the restaurant.

While scoring for a table was easy-peasy, placing of orders was not. We were ready to place our orders but we weren't immediately attended to until after a few minutes of waiting. As I've observed, there were only a couple of servers and they have designated tables to attend to. Even if you call their attention, they won't entertain your orders unless your table is assigned to them. Good thing our food came in a little after we placed our orders.

I didn't actually know what to have so I let Mark take charge once again. I just specifically requested for the round flat bread which I saw present in almost all of the tables that night. :p

IMG_2969Roti with Curry Sauce - 2.00 AED

I fell in love with this bread on my first bite. It's like the pita bread in shawarmas that I used to eat back in the Philippines, but thicker, softer, and chewier, and with a little nutty taste.  I love it as is but it's even made more delectable when dipped in the curry sauce.

The curry sauce, although a bit yucky-looking, was really good! I can't really tell what it's made of but the pungent Indian curry taste is very evident. I can also taste beef broth in it. There were also some beef strips and chick peas in it. My palates were also able to tolerate its spiciness.

Mixed Grill and plain Basmati was what Mark ordered. The rice looked dry and uncooked when I first saw it, because of the loose long grains, but it was actually cooked well and was very soft but not the sticky kind of soft.

IMG_2967Plain Basmati - 6.00 AED

The Mixed Grill plate has grilled chicken, beef tikka, chicken tikka, and beef kebab. The beef and chicken tikka were both good though I liked the beef more as it was a lot juicier.

IMG_2968Mixed Grill - 45.00 AED

Everything had that pungent Indian spice taste and add to that the smoky charred taste which I actually loved, except for the beef kebab which was overly spicy. Mark who's more accustomed to spicy food also begged off with this one. It was really spicy that I already finished half of this large bottled water after I took a small bite of the kebab. :p

IMG_2970Bottled Water (1L) - 2.00 AED

The servings were also generous that we had the left overs for take away which we ate for breakfast the following day. :D

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Although the service was not that commendable and the beef kebab was overly spicy, I can say that I still enjoyed my first dining experience in Dubai. Let me also correct myself for claiming in my Instagram post that what we had was 'local'/Arabic food. They're actually Indian/Pakistani dishes. :p

Ravi Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato RAVI RESTAURANT, Al Karama
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St., Al Karama
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Opposite Burjuman Metro Station
+971 04 352 8090 / +971 04 357 6665
Nearest metro station: Burjuman (Red Line)
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