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My First Weekend in Dubai

After my first dining experience in Dubai, I was very much excited to explore what else Dubai has to offer. But because Mark had to go back to Abu Dhabi for work, I was basically all alone on my first week in Dubai. Mark got back to Dubai on the weekend and made sure that I get to enjoy my first weekend in Dubai. :)

I've been in Dubai for just more than two months, and more than anything else, there's one thing that I've observed. It seems that being ordinary is just not the Emiratis' cup of tea. Everything here seems to be so grand!

Just like the Dubai Metro, which is hailed as the world's longest fully automated metro network.

IMG_3014ADCB Metro Station (Red Line), formerly known as Al Karama Metro Station

I initially thought that we're inside some mall or cinema when we set foot at the Burjuman Metro Station. Haha!

IMG_2663Burjuman Metro Station (Red Line),  formerly known as Khalid Bin Al Waleed Metro Station

I really thought that we're up for some movie date had I not noticed this signs and maps. Haha!

IMG_2662Burjuman Metro Station (Red Line), formerly known as Khalid Bin Al Waleed Metro Station

Mark decided to tour me around no less than the world's largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall. From Burjuman metro station, we alighted in the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station and then walked up to the Dubai Mall.

It was quite a long walk actually from the metro station to the mall, good thing there are walkalators. If there's one thing that I love the most about Dubai, it would definitely be their walkalators! Haha! Aside from not being too tired from the long walk to the metro station to the mall, Mark and I got to enjoy some site-seeing. :)

Being the world's largest mall, of course Mark and I weren't able to visit each and every shops at the Dubai Mall. Here are a few of the shops and sections that we got to check out.

IMG_2672IMG_2673Hershey's Chocolate World

IMG_2678Sega World

IMG_2691The Waterfall

IMG_2720The Dubai Aquarium

IMG_2701IMG_2719The Souk

IMG_2695IMG_2697The Village

IMG_2718The Valet Parking Area

Well of course I just made that one up. The valet parking area is really not part of the mall's attractions. But if you love luxury cars but don't get to see them every time or if you dream of even having your own, you'll definitely love this part of the mall! Mark and I even stayed on the couches at the valet parking waiting area just to enjoy the beautiful view of these handsome cars! \m/

Also at the back end of the mall, just right after The Village, is the Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Fountain.

It was just sad that we weren't able to catch the show at the Dubai Fountain because we already went ahead. Good thing we were able to get up close with another world's finest, the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest man-made structure in the world.
IMG_2730 IMG_2733
This skyscraper was really tall and high that we had a hard time capturing the whole structure in one frame.
IMG_2740Burj Khalifa

After a few tries, we really can't get to take a photo of the whole building, so I thought of taking a panoramic shot. It wasn't that easy though and we ended up having these photos which Mark called "The Leaning Tower of Burj Khalifa". Haha! :p
IMG_2782 IMG_2781
Mark's hands were too shaky that the building as my background looked totally leaning! :p

We got back to the Burjuman station from the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station and transferred to the Green Line. From the Burjuman station (green line) we went on to our next destination, at the Dubai Creek just a few walks away from the Al Ghubaiba Metro Station (Green Line).

IMG_2786Dubai Creek or Khor Dubai

This is where Mark and I got to experience riding their "water taxi", the Abra, which is a traditional boat made of wood.


The Arabs use the abra to ferry people across the Dubai Creek.

IMG_2793 IMG_2787
We then ended our Dubai weekend by having dinner by the creek at Blue Barjeel Restaurant and Cafe.

IMG_2797It's already past 6pm but the sun's still up and bright! :D

Although my feet were sore because of the long walks, not to mention the hot weather, I really had a great time. My first weekend in Dubai was indeed a blast!

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