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Dubai: My Home Away from HOME

Living away from home has got to be the most heart-breaking and life-changing decision that I ever made. But please don't get me wrong. I've been living in Dubai a little over two months now, and so far, I'm very much okay with my life here.

I have a nice house, I still get to buy things that I want, I eat good food, and Mark has been taking very good care of me here.

I also have nice neighbors, it's safe everywhere, there's no traffic, and I get to visit different places.

Surely life here may be easier, but as I've said before, it's actually my first time in 28 years to be away from my family, and that for me is the hardest part. Although I'm not the very sociable type, I'm also not used to being alone. Yes, I have Mark with me, I have neighbors around, I've already made friends here, but I'm sure you'll agree with me that nothing really compares to the bond that a close-knit family has.

If there's one consolation, I just love how I can still communicate with my family and get updated with them through the internet. And because of having been away from them, I now appreciate and miss even the littlest things.

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I miss how my dad would enthusiastically greet me whenever he comes home. I miss how he always checks on me when I'm out. I miss morning chikahans about Zumba stuff over breakfast during weekdays with my mom.


I miss how Chino would blurt out non-sense stories to me. I miss bonding with Gia over chismisans and food trips. I miss how Jaoey would always go straight to my room and just stay with me and piss me off. I miss how he calls me 'Taba!'. I miss eating with my family. I miss going out with them. I miss...oh a day would not be enough if I enumerate them all!

Okay, I really don't know where this is going and I'm starting to get a little teary-eyed already so I guess I should just end this post haha! And I know I should just be working on my backlogs (they're piling up like crazy), but oh well, I guess I'm just really missing HOME!
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