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Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

We all got tired from our Disneyland adventure so we just had our dinner right after we dozed off at our hotel room.

It was already late and our feet were already begging off for another long walk, so we decided to dine at Cafe de Coral in Rambler Plaza which is just next to our hotel.

It was already nearing closing time when we got to the restaurant, but there were still a number of diners in sight.

We placed our orders just right at the entrance of the restaurant. The menu situated at the wall was a bit complicated, there were a number of dishes to choose from, but good thing they have corresponding codes which made it easier for us to remember what we chose.

While choosing from the menu was a bit of a dilemma, ordering was a breeze. After paying for our orders, we were given with a corresponding ticket for our orders which we then presented to the "call person" (well because he calls out the orders haha!) at the orders claiming area at the back end of the restaurant.

Our number was called in no time and we got to enjoy our hearty dinner. Mark's mom wouldn't go for meals without having rice so she opted for Boneless Hainan Chicken. I was never (and will never be) a fan of Hainanese chicken, or any steamed chicken, but this huge serving of boneless chicken on a bed of steamed greens plus steamed rice must have been really good because Mark's mom's plate was wiped clean after our dinner. :p

IMG_9382Boneless Hainan Chicken - HK$ 33.00

Mark wasn't in the mood for a gastronomic treat that night so he just opted for some Chicken Congee to somehow warm and fill his tummy. The dish doesn't look that appetizing and I just can't get the peanut-butter-sandwich-and-chicken-congee-combo, but I'm definitely in no position to judge because I wasn't able to taste it. I also didn't want to jump into conclusions when Mark wasn't able to finish his food, because he was complaining of an upset stomach and headache that night which definitely affected his appetite. If there's any consolation, although the photo may not give justice, the meal comes in a huge bowl of hot porridge with a generous serving of chicken strips. :D

IMG_9383Chicken Congee Set - HK$ 29.00

It was already late and I was already sleepy but I just had to fill my tummy with something so I decided to have a light dinner and opted for the Shrimp Wanton Noodles. Didn't notice that it's also a set meal, so I was surprised when it came with a side dish when it was served. :p

IMG_9384Shrimp Wanton Noodles Set - HK$ 29.00

As with the other dishes on our table, my order came in a huge bowl of hot flavorful soup with generous amounts of noodles and shrimp wantons. I loved how the noodles had that "bite" with a subtle hint of sweetness which balanced out the saltiness and spiciness of the rich chicken broth.

I also loved the generous amount of shrimp wantons. I've had different wanton noodles before, but all had just a maximum of 3 wantons. Cafe de Coral had 5! Weeeeee!!! The natural sweetness of the shrimps were very evident. I just love how the play of textures from the shrimps, ground pork, and soft dumpling cover felt inside my mouth. :D

Just like the peanut butter sandwich, the chicken wings sidings were also a bit confusing for me but they were definitely a nice inclusion which actually kept me wanting for more. :p Although a bit oily, I loved how crispy the chicken skin was. I also loved how the chicken was very flavorful. I can taste the garlic even up to the tender and juicy chicken meat.

Although Mark wasn't satisfied, because he was not feeling well, his mom and I definitely enjoyed our dinner. With Cafe de Coral's good food and huge servings all at very affordable prices, it's definitely one of the best places in Hong Kong for some quick fix for a hearty yet affordable meals. There's no wonder Cafe de Coral is the largest Chinese fast food chain in the world. :)

Shop 2A Level 1, Rambler Plaza
1 Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi
Hong Kong
Tel.: 24950379 / Fax: 24950721
Operating Hours: 7:30AM-09:30PM
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