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Happy Kids (at Heart) in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

After our breakfast at the airport, we met with our guide who accompanied us to our hotel. But because we were still too early for check-in, we just had our luggage secured and then we went off to enjoy our free time.

And because we got the whole day all to ourselves (our scheduled tours starts on the second day), we decided to make the most out of our free time in Disneyland!

Our hotel offers bus rides to Disneyland Resort, but because we were already late for the schedule, we just had to go there via the MTR lines.

It actually turned out to be a good choice because we were able to experience their public transportation and we also got to ride the Disneyland Resort Line MTR.

Riding the Disneyland Resort Line MTR already got me all giddy with all the Mickey Mouse silhouettes from the windows to the hand rails. There were also different figurines of Disney characters situated in pillars near the doors.

My excitement hyped up when we alighted the MTR and saw this welcome arc.

Seeing the bunch of tourists also wanting to take photos, we already knew that we won't be able to get a good shot at the welcome arc. Here are the best ones that we could get, well not quite haha! :p

We were still far from the entrance to the theme park but there were already a lot of Disney characters that were all picture-worthy. :D

IMG_9329 IMG_9323
Getting our tickets was a breeze. We didn't actually have to line up since our travel agent already took care of everything. We just handed some documents for verification and before we were handed with our tickets.

IMG_93301-day Ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort - HK$450.00

The kid in me went overly ecstatic the moment I saw this on our first stop. Our first stop was in Main Street, USA.

This is where most of the souvenir shops and different attractions like Animation Academy, Art of Animation, and City Hall are located.

Mark was very eager and insisted that we buy some Disney character apparel and accessories, so we gave in to his request before we toured the whole theme park.

Disneyland photographers are all over the place and they'd gladly take creative shots. Picture taking is free of charge and you may claim the photos for an extra charge.

We got three photos which is roughly HK$100 each.

We also got to witness a very enthusiastic presentation from the Hong Kong Disneyland Band in Main Street, USA.

There were also several shops for refreshments in Main Street, USA. There were different sweets which were all too cute to eat!

We also got to try some Mickey Mouse Waffle (HK$ 50.00 each) which comes with maple syrup and strawberry slices. :D

Our next stop was in Tomorrowland where futuristic-designed structures like spaceships, planets, and robots are located.

A few of the attractions in Tomorrowland include the Space Mountain, the Orbitron, and the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

IMG_9363Space Mountain


IMG_9584IMG_9585Buzz Lightyear Asto Blasters

After being transported into a futuristic world in Tomorrowland, we then went to the most magical area in Disneyland, the Fantasyland.

Among all the areas in Disneyland, Fantasyland is where I enjoyed most of the rides and attractions.

IMG_9760Cinderella Carousel

IMG_9695Dumbo the Flying Elephant

It houses the most number of attractions and rides which the kids and the kids at heart will definitely love.

IMG_9676Mad Hatter Tea Cups

IMG_9586Sleeping Beauty Castle

There's also the Fantasy Garden with lush greens and lovely flowers surrounding some gazebos where the Disney characters are stationed for some photo op.

IMG_9678 IMG_9686
Although we weren't able to take our photos with Mickey and Minnie because of the very long queue, I love how Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, and Donald Duck were all up and game to pose with us! :D

Mark's Donald Duck get up was very eye-catching to kids and adults alike. Some tourists even took a photo with him. Even the real Donald Duck was enthusiastic to pose with Mark haha!

IMG_9680 IMG_9679
Mickey's PhilarMagic, a 4D show with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse plus some other Disney characters, had us all laughing and got us all surprised and amazed. The effects were awesome and were very entertaining!

IMG_9694IMG_9692IMG_9693Mickey's PhilharMagic

Another best attraction in Fantasyland was It's A Small World.

I loved how everything was so playful and colorful, from the pillars, to the walls, to the whole castle structure! Too cute!!! :D

We rode a boat in a tunnel full of different cute-looking dolls from different parts of the world.

IMG_9601 IMG_9604
IMG_9647 IMG_9648

The colorful backgrounds and dolls dressed up as natives from different countries move and dance as they sing "It's a Small World" in their own language.

IMG_9621 IMG_9616
IMG_9623 IMG_9629

There were even dolls in a nipa hut wearing Filipiniana with rotating umbrellas and a tarsier clinging onto the bamboo. And yup, they're singing "It's a Small World" in Tagalog (Filipino) too!


At the end of the tunnel were different flowers with "goodbye" inscriptions in different languages. And yup there's Paalam which is the Tagalog (Filipino) word for goodbye.

Everything in Fantasyland is just magical and so are the larger than life toys in Toy Story Land! :D

IMG_9704Toy Soldier Boot Camp

The little kid in me just can't help but be in awe at the sight of the dominoes, colorful lights, building blocks, toy soldiers, and all the other toys that are a million times larger than me!

IMG_9709 IMG_9710

IMG_9718Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Another attraction and ride that I enjoyed was at the Mystic Manor at the Mystic Point.

IMG_9724Mystic Manor

The structure of the house which is like a haunted house gave me the vibe that the ride would be something like a horror ride.

We rode into a Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage which toured around the whole house. And yes it was kind of a horror ride, but a little less horrifying, just right to give you that occasional mini-heart attacks whenever the light turns off and sounds of thunder and holograms of mummies appear on the walls haha! :p

Other attractions in the Mystic Point include Mystic Point Freight Depot and the Garden of Wonders.

IMG_9725Mystic Point Freight Depot

Another part of Disneyland is the Grizzly Gulch. Structures and attractions in this area resemble that of country-style saloons. 

I can just imagine cowboys in their horses scattered all over the place haha.

This is also where I enjoyed another ride, the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars! Among all the rides in Disneyland, this I think is the most extreme.

It's like a roller coaster ride, in mine cars, which stretches over mountains and inside mine tunnels with grizzly bears! I actually kept on screaming whenever we pass over heights. Oh, and that bomb explosion and loud grizzly bear roar really got me screaming more! Mark's mom was even crying the whole time begging for the ride to stop hahaha. :p

IMG_9733Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

But for those who are very much into real extreme rides, don't expect too much. It's Disneyland, you know, so every ride must be child-friendly. :) Other attractions in Grizzly Gulch include the Geyser Gulch and the Welcome Wagon Show.

The last part of Disneyland that we checked out was the Adventure Land. A few attractions include Jungle River Cruise, Tarzan's Treehouse, and Rafts to Tarzan Treehouse, which we didn't get to try because we were already tired, plus Mark was also having an upset stomach and headache the whole time so we had to occasionally stop at the benches to rest. :)

Good thing we were able to catch the Festival of the Lion King show!

The show was very lively and all the casts were amazing! The mechanical floats, with all those moving animals, were too awesome! It was indeed a good way to conclude our Disneyland adventure!

Disneyland's too big we still weren't able to check out every attraction even during our whole day stay.

Well Mark wasn't really feeling good because of an upset stomach and headache so we just had to cut our tour short. We left Disneyland around 6pm so we weren't able to catch the parade of the Disney characters and the fireworks.

But hey! It was indeed such a fun and memorable experience! We all definitely felt like kids again. I loved how I was somehow able to get back to my childhood days, not worrying about anything and just having fun and being care-free even just for a whole day. It sure is "The Happiest Place on Earth"! :D

I'd definitely love to go back and check out the rest of the attractions. Or maybe explore other Disneyland destinations? Why not! :D

More photos HERE :)

大嶼山, Hong Kong
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