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Eagle Point Resort

Mark and I were at our house one Tuesday afternoon when he suddenly felt the urge to hit the beach. Being someone who always wants to plan things, I initially wanted to beg off, but since I also didn't want to get into an argument with Mark (and I was also excited to hit the beach), I just gave in. :p

We were choosing between Subic and Batangas, but because we've been to Subic countless of times already, we both agreed on the latter. After searching the net for some resorts, we booked and paid online and then found ourselves all set to head to Eagle Point Resort in Batangas the day after.

It was a Wednesday and my car was on number coding, so we were torn between leaving the house early (before 7am) or during the window time (past 10am). We chose to hit the roads during window time which turned out to be a good decision because we arrived at the resort past 1pm, just in time for check in.

We got to the parking area and a guard confirmed our reservation. We were then fetched by the resort's shuttle which then brought us down the mountain trail to the resort. Checking in was a breeze. We were handed with welcome drinks, Mark signed some documents, and then one staff got our things and accompanied us to our cottage.

On our way to our cottage, we passed by the main core of the resort, the Eagle's Nest with Mediterranean-inspired architecture, where most of the resort activities take place. It houses the receiving area where we were welcomed with a refreshing drink.

IMG_8930 IMG_8935

There's the Eagle's Nest gift shop at the main floor where various souvenirs as well as beach essentials and sundry items are sold.

There's also the restaurant and bar occupying the main floor and mezzanine level which offers local and international cuisines.

IMG_8989 IMG_8990
The cottage that we got was a bit far from Eagle's Nest but I didn't mind the long walk because the resort was surrounded with lush greens and colorful flowers and a breathtaking view of the sea which I definitely loved.

IMG_8964IMG_9092 IMG_8963IMG_9089
The resort also has several aviaries with an array of exotic tropical birds.

Even though we booked just the day before, Mark was still able to score a cottage for two.

It has a veranda overlooking the sea. This is also where Mark stayed most of the time because WIFI connection is stronger here than inside the room haha! :p

The Mediterranean-inspired interior is what welcomed us as we opened the door. I somehow felt a romantic vibe upon entering the room. This king-sized bed with very soft and clean- and fresh-smelling cushion, comforter, linens, and pillows plus a well-functioning air-conditioner surely gave Mark and I a sound sleep.

IMG_8937Deluxe Cottage - Php 5,800.00 net/night

On each side of the bed are hanging lamps with warm light which added up to the romantic vibe. Wall mounted tables with electrical sockets are also on each side of the bed. One table also has a phone connecting to the receiving area and some hotel policies and papers and pen.

IMG_8961 IMG_8955

There's also a single pull-out bed where Mark and I stayed most of the time as we spent the whole night watching HBO and Star Movies films in the cable TV mounted on the left side of the wall just across our bed.

Across the TV just next to the door is this working area/dresser with lamp shade and complimentary bottled waters. And oh please excuse that shirtless hunk with me. That's Mark who I think was very excited to swim that he immediately changed into his swimwear the moment we entered the room. :p

Next to our bed is a full-length closet with hangers plus a mini ref with sodas and beers. Although I don't really read the Bible in hotels (please don't judge, I do read the Bible everyday using the Bible app in my phone), I just noticed that there wasn't any Bible in our room. I just don't know if that box on top of the ref has a Bible in it because I wasn't able to check. :p

Next to the closet is the bathroom which I checked last. Though not very grand and spacious like other hotel restrooms, it was still big enough for guests to move around with ease.

The restroom was clean and fresh-smelling. There were also sets of hand towels plus toilet with bidet.

IMG_8946 IMG_8947

A glass divider separates the toilet from the bathroom. The bathroom is also spacious enough and has an overhead rainfall hot and cold shower system. I loved the red and white floral accent tiles which not only added a pop of color but also gave 'life' to the whole restroom. :D

IMG_8948 IMG_8949

Basic toiletries were also provided, from shampoos and conditioners to hand and bath soaps and this cute soap dish, and an extra roll of tissue, but there weren't any toothpaste and toothbrushes. Good thing we always bring our own toiletries whenever we travel.

After having all our things settled and changing to our swimming clothes, we then went out to check and enjoy the rest of the hotel's amenities.

There's a covered dining and activity area with a 30-seat capacity for guests who wish to dine at poolside in the shade. Across this is the separate comfort/shower rooms for guests who want a quick shower after a dip in the pools. A poolside bar overlooking the sea is also available for thirst-quenching drinks.

There's also a game room with a billiard table and a ping pong table as well as comfy couches and satellite TV and music for guests who want to play games and socialize. It wasn't well-maintained though as broken floor tiles and ripped pool table top were evident and the place was a little dusty.

IMG_8973 IMG_8975

A few steps down from the covered dining and activity area is the Reef Pool. And because Eagle Point Resort is known as a perfect dive spot (which I wish I knew early on haha), this reef pool which is a saltwater pool also serves as a training tank for novice scuba divers and snorkelers.

The reef pool is like a large aquarium filled with marine fauna that offers an authentic experience of open water swimming without the risks. It's also a safe alternative for those skittish about swimming in the tides. We didn't try swimming into this pool but as what I've read in Eagle Point's website, for many of their guests, this pool is a real attraction mainly because they get to swim with baby sharks!

I was really expecting a wide sandy beach but it was just when we hit the shores when I finally remembered that Eagle Point is a dive spot! And instead of fine grains of sand, the shore is filled with stones. Don't get me wrong. Though it's not suited for swimming because of the mossy, slippery, and some spiky rocks, I still find it a beautiful site.

Mark and I just made use of the picturesque view and took some photos with the rock formations and decided to just dip in the pools. :D

We got back to the pool area and checked the jacuzzi out. The water was really cold and the jacuzzi wasn't that clean, there were dried leaves and insects floating all over, so we decided to just take some photos and swim in the pools instead. :p

Located at the side of Eagle's Nest is this two-level swimming pool.

The two-level pool consists of a top pool, around 3-ft deep, which is perfect for children. It also features a waterfall and an access to a slide for both children and adults.

The slide connects the top pool to the bottom pool which is 4 to 5-ft deep, perfect for adults.

We already had lunch on our way to the resort and just ate the food (diet food, that is) that I prepared for our merienda and just decided to eat at the hotel's restaurant come dinner time.

I left my phone in our room as it's charging and Mark's phone was also low on battery so we only had two photos during our dinner. :p Mark had dalandan juice for his drinks while I had watermelon shake.

For our dinner, Mark had steamed salmon with rice while I was craving for some sausages so I chose sausage sandwich. I just didn't clearly read the menu and didn't see that my order came with huge servings of fried potato wedges and veggie salad. Although the bread was soft and tasty, I just had a few bites of it because I really just wanted the sausage haha! I loved how juicy it was and just had the right amount of spiciness. I finished all the veggie salad and had a few of the potato wedges which were equally delicious.


Mark's dish came in a huge chunk of salmon fillet with cherry tomatoes and a sauce which I thought was a combination of tartar sauce and cream, plus a plain cup of rice. Service and serving time were both okay and Mark and I enjoyed our dinner. I just wasn't able to take note of the prices but each of our dishes costed around Php 250.00 and the drinks were less than Php 200.00 each. :)

We stayed at the bar after dinner and watched a basketball game and then headed to the front desk to avail of the WIFI. Their WIFI has a fee, as seen in the picture below, with an additional 6% for the service charge.

We then went back to our cottage and spent the night with a movie marathon starting with my all-time favorite "The Notebook". :D

Our accommodation comes with a complimentary breakfast for two. Mark chose the Continental breakfast which includes a choice of oatmeal, cereals, or toasts with scrambled eggs; plus a fruit platter. Mark opted for toasts with scrambled eggs.

I chose the American breakfast which includes a choice of oatmeal, cereals, or hashbrown with scrambled eggs, sausages and pork and beans. I was still craving for sausages so I think you already know what I chose. :p The staff said that they ran out of hashbrowns and asked me if I wanted some toasts instead. I had no choice so I said yes.

Our breakfast also come with a choice of hot coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, or pineapple juice. Mark chose to have coffee while I opted for orange juice. :) We sat on the same spot where we had our dinner but didn't get to see the view since it was already dark. Good thing we still got to see this lovely view while enjoying our breakfast.

After breakfast, we got back to the shores. The stones weren't as mossy and slippery as the day before so I was able to make Mark do his signature beach pose haha! :p

IMG_9054IMG_9051 IMG_9052IMG_9053

We also got to enjoy a morning dip in the sea at the part of the beach near the helipad where there were finer stones, clear waters, and no moss! Yay!

We then went in the pool and swam up until before our checkout time. :D

Mark and I enjoyed our stay at Eagle Point Resort. It maybe short but it was really fun. Besides the long walks that we had to endure to get to and from our cottage to Eagle's Nest and to the pools, and the rocky beach (which I should have known about had I checked the site), we both agreed that the place was conducive to a relaxing getaway. Although there were a few misses, the amenities were okay in general. The food that we had were all good and the service, though not the best service that we've experienced, was still commendable. What I liked the most about all their staff was their smiling faces. Each staff that we crossed paths with never failed to greet us with smiling faces. :D

I must admit though that I felt a bit sad because we missed a couple of the resort's amenities because we're not the type who do researches whenever we travel. Yup we actually weren't able to check out the other pool at the northern part of the resort and we didn't get to see and enjoy Sepoc Beach, because Mark and I thought that we've already checked the whole place out. Yup, I just got to know about all these other amenities just last night as I was browsing through Eagle Point Resort's website. :p

More photos HERE :)

But nonetheless, we both still had fun and enjoyed our mini vacation. And I guess I'm beginning to love Mark's way of planning wherein he really has no plans at all. Haha! And yes I must agree with him that it's really more fun and exciting to explore a place on your own and just enjoy whatever's in store for you. :D

Bario Bagalangit, Anilao, Mabini
Batangas, Philippines
Resort Mobile: +63.917.846.3958/+63.918.846.3958
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