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Afternoon Dip at Daranak Falls

After visiting Regina RICA, we went on a 15-minute drive on the main road and about 5 to 10-minute drive into the mountain side until we reached Daranak Falls.

We all were excited as this would be our first time to swim into fresh water.  We pulled in into the parking lot and the lush greens surrounding the place added up to the excitement. After paying for the entrance fee and picnic shed, we walked onto the bridge leading to the falls right after the entrance.

It was already lunch time so we first had our lunch after we reached our shed and got everything settled.

The shed that we got is located near the shallow waters so we immediately went on a dip after our lunch. The sun was scorching hot but we didn't mind because the water was really cold!

This mini falls was our favorite spot! :D

Just a few steps from the shallow waters is this bamboo bridge leading to the falls.

IMG_8871 IMG_8867

It was my first time to see a waterfalls up close and I just can't help but be in awe at how beautiful it is.

The 14-meter high waterfalls cascading into a deep catch basin, almost 30 feet deep, which also serves as a natural pool just made me appreciate our Creator more. It's just so amazing how God was able to come up with such a beautiful place.

IMG_8770 IMG_8772

The part near the bridge is where the shallow water is while the deep part is right where the waterfalls is. You'll need to be a good swimmer if you want to come near the falls.

For those who are not equipped with swimming skills, life buoys may come in handy and may be rented for Php 40.00.

Right across the waterfalls is another area where you can have a clearer view of the falls.

You can have your pictures taken with the falls...

IMG_8841 IMG_8840

...or if you're the adventurous type, you can jump off the cliff and plunge into the deep cold water just like what Mark did. :p

Jaoey and I were also able to come near the waterfalls and enjoy a natural water massage. :D

More photos HERE :)

Aside from the falls, Daranak Falls is also popular for rock balancing. I wasn't able to take photos but there were incredible rocks perfectly balanced on top of each other in various positions.

Although the waterfalls was undoubtedly beautiful and the water was very clean, I think the place, especially the picnic area, was a bit neglected. It was not well-maintained and there were a lot of litters scattered all over the area. Cats and dogs were also loitering around. Some were even waiting for food.

The picnic shed is an open area so we just had our things secured in the baggage area for Php 100.00. Changing area and restrooms are also available which you'll have to pay for Php 5.00 for every use.

Daranak Falls usually becomes crowded especially during weekends and holidays so the best time to get there is during early mornings or weekdays. We went there on a Friday and fortunately got to share the place with only a few guests, until after around mid afternoon where guests in big groups started to come.

It is open from 8am-5pm daily with entrance fee of Php 50.00 for adults and Php 40.00 for kids. Picnic sheds (Php 300.00) and picnic tables (Php 150.00) are also available for rent.

Daranak Road, 1980 Tanay, Rizal
(02) 404.2296
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