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Yatai Ramen Seaside Macapagal


If there's one thing that Mark missed a lot (aside from me of course haha) during his stay in the Middle East, it's definitely our food. Aside from the fact that he's on a diet since he needs to maintain a healthy body for his profession, Mark doesn't really know how to cook 'real' food. Well at least he knows how to cook hard boiled eggs haha!

So when he got back home last March, his first request was to eat! And just like on his first homecoming when we dined at Aling Tonya's, Mark insisted that we again dine at Seaside Macapagal. This time we chose Yatai Ramen.

Unlike before where we first shopped for the ingredients for our feast and just had them cooked at Aling Tonya's, we now did away with the shopping and just let Yatai Ramen's staff do everything. :p

Mark took charge of the menu, and since he's still on a diet, he ordered mostly seafood. Here are what we devoured on our late night dinner.

These baked mussels were what I loved the most! The sweet and tender mussels were covered with generous creamy cheese which had the right amount of saltiness. The generous amount of toasted garlic also enhanced the taste and gave texture to the dish.

Each of the dishes that we ordered were served in two plates, and I think I ate more than half a plate of these baked mussels haha! It's that yummy! :p

The buttered garlic shrimps were good but not really something to rave about. I loved that the shrimps were not overcooked. :)

Since Mark was in charge of the orders, I already knew that we'll be having another seafood feast. So I was surprised when bowls of hot bulalo were served.

Grilled stuffed squid and grilled tilapia were also present on our table that night. These two dishes plus the bulalo were what Mark munched on during our feast.

We were serenaded by a live country singer as we feast on our hearty dinner. And once again, we all enjoyed our dinner. 

Even Mark who was supposedly on a diet very much enjoyed the dinner that he totally forgot that he's on a diet. He ate rounds and rounds of rice! Hahaha! :p

Oh I love seeing him enjoy his food. Well I just basically love seeing him and being with him. Hihi! ♥

P.S. I wasn't able to note down the prices, but we paid for around Php 4,000 for our dinner including the drinks. :)

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