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Pinto Art Museum

I'm already aware of Mark's plans of going home for a vacation but I never really knew the specific date when he'll be back. It was just a day before his flight when he finally told me that he's coming home. And so we didn't really got to have any plans on how we'll spend his month-long vacation here in the Philippines.

Pinto Art Museum 1
Good thing there's Pinto Art Museum. :D Aside from my little talent when it comes to art, I also do have an eye and appreciation for it. I just never thought that Mark also have the same interest and appreciation for art as I did. He was actually the one who insisted that we come and visit this place. :)

Pinto Art Museum 2Pinto Art Museum 4 Pinto Art Museum 3Pinto Art Museum 5

I was born and raised here in Antipolo City, but it was just recently that I knew that we have this kind of place in my hometown haha! :p With just around a 5-minute drive from our house, we were as if transported to a different place.

Pinto Art Museum 6
Seeing this humble entrance, who would have thought that behind it is a vast land which houses more than 500 art pieces (I think) consisting of paintings, art works, landscapes, and structures?

Pinto Art Museum 7Pinto Art Museum 8Pinto Art Museum 9
We were greeted by the staff as we went inside. After paying for the entrance fee of Php 150 per head, we were given a map and a brief background on what to expect at the museum. Then our exploration began! :)

Pinto Art Museum 10Pinto Art Museum 11Pinto Art Museum 12
We were just a few steps from the reception area, but we were already amazed with all the art pieces surrounding the place not to mention the lovely garden setting.

Pinto Art Museum 13Pinto Art Museum 14Pinto Art Museum 15
Yup everywhere you look is such a picturesque view. No wonder it has also become a haven for photography.

Pinto Art Museum 16Pinto Art Museum 17Pinto Art Museum 18
Pinto Art Museum is a art space in Antipolo City, Rizal, which houses contemporary works of art by different local artists. Its name "pinto" comes from the Tagalog word for doors, and as such it considers itself a threshold open to all forms of contemporary art practice.

Pinto Art Museum 19Pinto Art Museum 20
Its main structure was originally built in 2001 as a storage space for art works, which was eventually developed by its designer, artist Antonio Leano, as a venue for exchanging exhibitions for modern and contemporary art.
Pinto Art Museum 21 Pinto Art Museum 22
Pinto Art Museum 23
Among all other art galleries and museums that I've been to, I can say that Pinto Art Museum is one the best! Paintings and art pieces are located in not just one, but 5 huge wings. Each wing houses different rooms with different themes.

Pinto Art Museum 24Pinto Art Museum 26 Pinto Art Museum 25Pinto Art Museum 27

They also have a cafe inside Pinto Art Museum where guests can dine or have some drinks while enjoying the place. Unfortunately, it was closed during our visit. The cafe is open on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) though.

Pinto Art Museum 28
Among all the paintings, this is the one that I love the most. The kid in me just got fascinated with the bubble wrap effect that I immediately touched the painting and tried to pop the bubble wrap! Haha!

Pinto Art Museum 29Pinto Art Museum 30Pinto Art Museum 31
Most of the art pieces are really gorgeous...

Pinto Art Museum 32 Pinto Art Museum 33

...some are just kinda weird and bizarre. :p

Pinto Art Museum 34Pinto Art Museum 35
Touring the whole museum somehow made my feet hurt, but it's just nothing compared to all the beauty that I saw during our visit. It just made me feel proud at how superb Filipino artists are.

Pinto Art Museum 36Pinto Art Museum 37
I must admit that though I can't put into words exactly how amazing Pinto Art Museum is, so you'll definitely have to visit this place and see for yourself. But I can tell you one thing, Mark and I definitely had fun and enjoyed our visit at Pinto Art Museum! :D

Pinto Art Museum 38

More photos HERE :)

Entrance Fee: 

* Adult - Php 150.00
* Senior Citizen - Php 120.00
* Student - Php 75.00

Museum hours:

* Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 5pm
* Special tours are by appointment only.

How to get there:

From Manila or Quezon City or Makati, take the Ortigas Avenue from EDSA and proceed to Ortigas Extension passing through Cainta Junction and to Tikling. Proceed to the hills until you reach the Ynares Center. Turn on the first street to your right, to a hill then follow this to the Grand Heights gate.


Number 1, Sierra Madre St.
Grand Heights, Antipolo City
Rizal, Philippines
Telefax: 63-2-6971015
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