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Afternoon Dip at Club Manila East

Mark accompanied me to my cake deliveries in Manila one Sunday morning. We didn't have any plans for the day so we immediately drove back home after. It was a hot Sunday and we were already on our way home, when Mark suddenly thought of heading straight to Tagaytay. But because it was already past lunch time and considering the traffic that we'd have to brave, I just had to burst his bubble and discourage the idea. :p

I guess the summer heat flamed up Mark's urge for a weekend getaway that he again thought of another idea. He thought that it was a perfect time for an afternoon dip at Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal. And because it's just near Antipolo, I gave his idea a chance. :)

We checked the place out first and when Mark approved of the place, we went straight home to get our things and to fetch my brothers. :)

After paying for the entrance fee (Php 375 per head), we got into the resort where we were handed with this wristbands. We changed into our swimming clothes and then our afternoon fun began. :)

Our first stop was the Funtasy Lagoon, a gigantic pool jazzed up with waterfalls, kayaks, and surfbikes (water bicycles). It is also where the kiddie pool and two adult pools: a sun-screened pool and another with a three-looped, 30-ft high slide, are located.

This is also where the boys enjoyed some kayak ride of course. But it was really Jaoey who enjoyed the most as it's his first time to try kayaking.

He was accompanied by Mark at first and then eventually he went on his own. :p

Here's a video Jaoey's first kayak ride:

We went next to BeachWaves, CME's first wave pool. Jaoey enjoyed swimming in this pool too. It's not just an ordinary pool as it has a machine installed in it that generates waves of eight different patterns and up to a maximum height of four feet.

The waves are so powerful, very much like that of real beach waves, which is why it has also become a venue for those who want to learn surfing. Surfing lessons are held everyday for kids and adult who want to learn the sport.

We came to the resort a bit late for the day tour, so we only had to stay for a few minutes at the BeachWaves as it was already cleaning time. There were also other pools, the Buzzy River and OceanWaves, which were unfortunately not operational during our visit.

So we just transferred to the Lap Pool and then made use of our remaining time swimming in the pool with slide.

Although it was short, I still enjoyed the sweet and fun afternoon dip with my boys. ♥

More photos HERE :)

A few things to take note:
* Entrance Fee (Day Guest: 8am-5pm):
   - Adults - Php 375.00
   - Kids (below 3ft) - FREE
* Guests should wear proper swimming attire when using the pools.
* Bringing in of food and drinks is not allowed. Food and drinks are available at Doña Niella restaurant inside the resort.
* For more info, visit :)

Km. 24 Manila East Road
Taytay, Rizal
Tel.: 660-2801/660-2802
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