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Gia Cooks: Crab Salad Tortilla Roll

Posting this recipe (another long overdue post) for my girl friend, Cat. :) Oh I'm such an inefficient blogger, I know, I know. *sigh* But I hope I can somehow make it up to her and of course to all of you, my dear readers, with this mouth-watering and easy-to-prepare dish. :)

It's actually a recipe of my sister, Gia. We made this for snacks a few weekends back. I instantly fell in love with Pizza Hut's Crab Salad Roll when Gia brought home some. Those lettuce, cucumber, and crab meat wrapped in rice wrapper, oh and that yummy dip, all made me crave for it days after, so Gia and I decided to make our own version one weekend afternoon.

Pizza Hut's version didn't have mangoes in it and used rice wrapper, unfortunately my homemade rice wrapper didn't turn out as expected so we just did away with it and used tortilla instead. We also included ripe mangoes for an added twist. :)

IMG_6170Crab Salad Tortilla Roll


IMG_6141 IMG_6153
1 pack 250g crab sticks, shredded

IMG_6154 IMG_6147
2 regular-sized cucumber, cut into thin strips

IMG_6142 IMG_6159
2 regular-sized ripe mangoes, cut into thin strips

IMG_6146Romaine lettuce
IMG_614312 pcs tortilla

IMG_614430g sesame seeds

4-5 tbsp sugar
salt to taste
IMG_61451 tbsp wasabi and 1 small bottle Japanese mayonnaise

Preparation and Cooking Procedures:

Slice the mangoes and cucumber into thin strips as shown in the Ingredients section above and set aside. For the crab sticks, shred into strips using your clean hands following the "threads" of the crab stick, and set aside.

In a small pan over medium heat, roast the sesame seeds until its color turns to brown. You'll know it's already done when the aroma of the seeds is evident.

Using a food processor, or a mortar and pestle, process the roasted seeds until it turns into a paste. Set aside.

You may opt to use sesame oil to make it easier, but I just love how the processed roasted sesame seeds add a good texture to the mixture. :)

In a small clean bowl, combine sesame paste, Japanese mayo, wasabi, and sugar and mix well. Amount of sugar and wasabi may be decreased/increased and salt may also be added depending on your desired taste. Transfer mixture into a serving bowl and set aside.

In a non-stick pan over medium heat, cook each side of the tortilla until "bubbles" start to form and color changes to light brown. Do the same for the rest of the tortilla.

And now we're ready to roll! :D On a clean plate, lay tortilla and put one Romaine lettuce leaf at the center of the tortilla, making sure to leave about an inch on the bottom part.

IMG_6156 IMG_6157

Lay the mango, crab, and cucumber strips on to the lettuce, making sure to fill up to the length of the leaf. Of course, you may put as much strips as you want. :D Lastly, spread about 2 tbsp of the mayo mixture on top.

IMG_6160 IMG_6161

Starting from the bottom part of the tortilla that we left bare, fold it towards the filling.

Fold the side part next, again towards the filling, and then roll until the tortilla sides meet. :D

Secure the sides with a toothpick. A large-sized tortilla may also be used so that it will not unroll and we won't have to use a toothpick. :)

Repeat the same procedures with the rest of the tortilla until we have used of all the filling.

Transfer the rolls on a clean serving dish. Serve with the mayo dip and enjoy! :D

You may also put more of the mayo mixture into the roll if you wish. 

IMG_6175 IMG_6176

But we love our rolls with dip. Yup, just dip it into the mayo mixture as you bite into the roll. Yum!

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