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Pre-birthday Lunch at North Park :)

Please forgive me for another long overdue post. I'm just trying to cross out each one of my backlogs. :D

Part of the series of the pre-birthday celebrations that I had was another lunch out with my family. It was actually an impromptu lunch out. I guess Daddy was just feeling a little lazy to cook that time that he decided to eat out.

I already knew that we will have to dine at a Chinese restaurant, as that is the only cuisine that somehow keeps up with my daddy's meticulous palates. :) Good thing the Chinese food choices within Antipolo are already expanding. We now also have North Park here in our place. Yay!

 I've already tried eating at other North Park branches and I loved the food and I knew that my family would also love it here. :)

We were greeted by their staff when we arrived and one of them ushered us to our seats. There were just a couple of diners that time so we had the liberty to choose a perfect spot.

Mommy and Daddy took charge of the menu. Daddy got an order of their Light Wanton to fuel up his tummy for the feast. I got to have a few sips and I loved that there was a generous amount of wanton. The hot soup had the right amount of saltiness which blended well with the sweetness of the petchay and noodles. The spring onions also added color and texture to the dish. It was indeed a great starter! Even Jaoey enjoyed sipping the soup and slurping the noodles! :D

IMG_4878Light Wanton - Php 108.00

And because we have a picky eater with us, that's Jaoey by the way, fried chicken and pancit canton were definitely present on our table. :p

Although the China Chicken didn't look appetizing, it's taste compensated for its of appeal. The skin, which Jaoey loved, was very crispy and not too oily. Add the tender and juicy meat which was cooked to perfection with that distinct Chinese taste (from star anise as what my palates suggested), this dish was, with no doubt, a hit!

IMG_4879China Chicken (Half) - Php 278.00

Another hit was the Chow Mien. The generous serving of different kinds of meat (fish, pork, kikiam, and shrimps) and veggies (button and shiitake mushrooms, pechay, and carrots) on a bed of perfectly cooked thin egg noodles swimming on a well-seasoned sauce, made our tummies jump out of joy. Although I still don't personally like saucy pancit canton, I must admit that North Park's Chow Mien was so good!

IMG_4886North Park Chow Mien - Php 278.00

Also present on the table were some dimsum and fried rice to complete our feast. We usually go the safe way and get chicken feet and siomai for our dimsum and yang chow for the fried rice.

I know I may sound biased, but I still haven't tasted any chicken feet dish that tastes like, or just comes close to, what my daddy does. North Park's version is tender and well-seasoned though. :)

IMG_4885Chicken Feet - Php 93.00 per order

I'm sure you'll agree with me that in Chinese restaurants, you'll never go wrong with siomai and yang chow, right? That's what I thought so too until after I tried North Park's version.

IMG_4883Siomai - Php 93.00

North Park's siomai was just as bland tasting as it looks. It's just not as appetizing as how it looks in the menu. It was a bit dry and hard to chew. I didn't taste the shrimp too but good thing it also didn't taste like flour.

IMG_4884Siomai - Php 93.00

The yang chow, though the serving was generous with equally generous amounts of toppings, wasn't also a hit. Although I loved that it wasn't oily and it was very flavorful, we all didn't like that it had too much carrots, which felt very weird to the bite. The carrots were somewhat raw and crunchy, which felt like as if we're eating over-fried or dried rice grains.

IMG_4880Yang Chow Fried Rice - Php 188.00

There were a lot of misses, or at least with the dishes that we got, but we still enjoyed our lunch.

Thanks to the China Chicken and Chow Mien, and to our server who was very attentive and jolly, for saving the day. :p

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