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Bay Leaves Steak House

Hello dear readers! How have you all been? How was your Valentine's day? Hope you all had a love-filled day. As for me, I was busy with a lot of things for the past couple of weeks and unfortunately wasn't able to update this blog. Sorry for that. But I'll try to make it up to you guys.

Got another invite for the grand opening of Bay Leaves Steak House last January 28. Another late post, I know, but I hope you guys will still read on. :p

Together with my sister, Gia, Jeff, and his sister and cousin, we were able to enjoy a night full of yummy food, unlimited cocktails, and lots of fun, fun, fun!!!

First up was the dinner. One of each Bay Leaves Specials fish, chicken, beef, and pork dishes were available to the diners that night. Each diner was given a choice of one special dish with free drinks.

I already knew that no one in our table would opt for the fish dish so I got one. Fish in Lemon Bourblanck Sauce was what I got. The dish was just plain-tasting as it looks and there's really nothing to rave about. It's basically breaded cream dory topped with a creamy buttery sauce with a hint of lemon.

Gia played safe and got their Chicken Cordon Bleu. I was so glad that Gia was generous enough to share her food haha! We both loved this dish. Who can go wrong with sweet ham and cheese wrapped in crispy thigh fillet topped with cheese sauce, right? The contrast in flavors from the sweet ham and salty cheese, plus that tender and crispy chicken were a delight on my palates. Oh and that crispy bacon on the rice was such a nice addition. It added a whole new taste and texture to the dish.

The rest of our friends got the other beef and pork specials. The Beef with Mushroom, although plain-looking, was really good too! Gia got to sneak in a few spoonfuls from her boyfriend's plate which she in turn gave for me to taste haha! I loved that the beef teppanyaki was very tender. The creamy sauce was seasoned just right. Combined with the button mushroom slices which added a little crunch and sweetness, this dish was also a hit for me.

The Roasted Adobo didn't actually appeal to me at first when I saw it on the menu but it turned out to be the most delicious-looking dish on our table! I actually drooled over this roasted pork belly with adobo sauce when this was served. I'm sure it also tasted good as my friend was able to finish this dish in no time! :p

We were also being serenaded by a live band as we devour our dishes which made our dining experience a lot more fun.

After dinner, we got to stay in for the night and party with unlimited cocktails! We already enjoyed our dinner and enjoyed the cocktails even more! We got to try all of the cocktails that they served that night. I loved the Cosmopolitan, Long Island, and Mai Thai, but the Weng-weng was what I loved the most! I think I got a total of 6 cocktails that night, most of which were rounds of Weng-weng. :p

IMG_6295 IMG_6296 IMG_6298 IMG_6304

We also ordered (and paid) for pulutans to go with our drinks. We had Sizzling Sisig, Buffalo Wings, Dynamite, Sizzling Hotdog, and Sizzling Tofu.

I was actually expecting a bunch of chicken wings covered with spicy sauce but we were served with breaded chicken wings with a mayo-ketchup dip with hot sauce. The wings tasted bland and the dip that came with it didn't do justice as well.

The Dynamite was another let down. I knew it would be spicy since it's chili filled with ground beef/pork and cheese, but Bay Leaves version just weren't in good terms with my palates. Good thing there was a generous bed of fried sotanghon which we all munched to wash out the spiciness. Gia already tried making this before and said that it would somehow lessen the spiciness if the chili seeds were removed (and soaked first in water before stuffing) and cheddar cheese was added to the filling. It was actually my first time to try dynamite and I don't think I'll ever want to try any dynamite dishes anymore because of this dish. :p It was way too spicy and only had meat in it.

Although the first two pulutans were a let down, the rest of our orders were a hit! I think everything sizzling would be a hit, right? :p The Sizzling Tofu was what we enjoyed the most that we had two orders of it. :p

We also had some dessert as we were all high with the cocktails haha! I just forgot to take a photo of it and forgot what it was called, but it was so good! It's turon with ice cream with some special ingredients. I just can't remember the details but I'll definitely order it when I get back. :D

Although there were a few misses, I really enjoyed the night. The live band was superb! Gia and I and Jeff's cousin even got to jam with them. :D It was my first time to party on a Tuesday night and I loved it! The servers were all very accommodating and attentive too.

The ambience was a combination of a modern bar and Filipino-style restaurant with its bamboo interiors.

Not too fancy unlike the usual bars, but I think the combination worked really well altogether. It was well ventilated and it's very conducive to having a good meal and unwinding after a hard day's work. :)

Everything in Bay Leaves was very reasonably priced too. I just don't know with the cocktails and other drinks, but the food (around two hundred pesos per dish) was definitely affordable! Now who said that enjoying a good food and partying all night would leave you with empty pockets?

Yup, if you're looking for a place to satisfy your palates and tummies and a place to unwind and party all night without having to spend too much, try out Bay Leaves Steak House. :)

Special thanks to Chef Jasper (consultant) for the good food, Mr. Raff (Marketing Consultant/Restaurant Manager) for the warm welcome, and Mr. Arnold (owner) for having us and for the warm welcome too. :)

IMG_6268Mr. Arnold, Chef Jasper, and Mr. Raff :)

Thank you so much for the GCs! :D

18 Palma Ext. Arcival Compound
Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 463 9517
Open from 10:00 am - 1:00 am
Facebook Page: Bay Leaves Steak House
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