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Pre-birthday Dinner at Army Navy

We were supposed to have some ice cream and snacks at the ice cream house in Robinsons Magnolia after our lunch and a little shopping, but we'd still have to endure a long queue so we decided to just dine elsewhere. We decided to leave the mall and dine somewhere that's already near Antipolo so we won't have to worry about braving the traffic anymore.

Mommy and I wanted some burgers so we suggested to dine at Army Navy in Cainta.

I first got to try Army Navy when I was still working in Makati. My first time didn't leave a good impression though because the burger tasted bland and was a bit try. But I enjoyed their Freedom Fries and Libertea on my first try!

Good thing their Trinoma branch redeemed my cravings back. Mommy and I got to try Army Navy at Trinoma and have been craving for their burger since then. Glad that their Cainta branch also didn't disappoint.

We arrived at the Cainta branch just in time for dinner. Our orders were served shortly after we placed them. I was raving about their Freedom Fries and was very certain that my family, especially Jaoey, will love it too, so Daddy got 2 orders.
IMG_4770Freedom Fries - Php 75.00 each

Everything was perfect, the thinly cut fries were fried to perfection, crunchy, and were not oily at all, but I didn't remember it being spicy on my first time. Yup, these thin little folks were hardly a hit because they were too spicy. :(

I totally forgot that Army Navy serves fried chicken, which is why I suggested Plain Querida Mia for Jaoey's food. It's an open-faced quesadilla with tortilla, just tomato sauce, and loads of cheese. It actually looks like pizza, and since pizza is also one of Jaoey's favorites, I knew he would love this. Unfortunately, Jaoey didn't like that it had tomato sauce. He still wants that authentic pizza taste from pizza sauce. And since Jaoey didn't want anything at Army Navy anymore, he just tried to munch on the fries and we decided to just order KFC for Jaoey on our way home. :p

IMG_4771Plain Querida Mia - Php 145.00

Chino and I got to devour this quesadilla. The tortilla was crunchy yet chewy at the same time. The slight saltiness of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese balanced out the tangy kick from the tomato sauce. Every bite made our palates jump out of joy! :D

For the rest of us, we all had an order each of Army Navy Burger. Sandwiched between soft plain and toasted sesame seed kaiser buns are a quarter pound pure beef patty, fresh crisp lettuce, onions and tomato slices, plus mayo and ketchup.

IMG_4773Army Navy Burger - Php 165.00

The beef patty is definitely the star of this dish. It's was oozing with juice in every bite and had that spicy kick which was tolerable for us. The veggies added that crunch, while the sesame seeds added more texture to the burger. The kaiser bun also had a hint of sweetness which definitely balanced out all the spiciness from the patty and onions. Oh I can't help but drool as I write this post! Ugh! :-p~

My photos of the burger may not give justice, but this burger is undeniably delicious! Even my Daddy, who's palates are meticulous, enjoyed his burger.

Except for Jaoey, we all enjoyed our dinner and went out with happy tummies.

It was indeed another fun pre-birthday celebration! Thank you very much Daddy dear!:-* Too bad Gia was out of town that time. Don't worry, little sister, we'll definitely come back with you! :D

Ortigas Ave. Ext. cor. Tanguille St.
Brgy. San Juan, St. Anthony Subd.
Cainta, Rizal
(02) 570-4826
Store Hours: Mon-Sun, 8am-12am

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