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Birthday Merienda at Tropical Hut Hamburger

Our initial plan was to just have a little family dinner out during my birthday since Daddy's still not sure if he'd have to go to work. But because Daddy was allowed to be on leave during my birthday, I got to celebrate the whole day of my birthday with my family! Yay!

After having breakfast at home, we started our celebration with thanksgiving at Monasterio de Sta. Clara in Quezon City.

IMG_5218IMG_5221 IMG_5220IMG_5217

My driver's license renewal was already due so we went straight to Farmers Plaza for the renewal. We were informed that the renewal center has already transferred to another place.

IMG_5223Fooling around at the Araneta Center car park :p

And because it was already early afternoon, we decided to just have a light merienda, in preparation for our upcoming dinner feast. We didn't want to walk to the nearby malls so we just settled with the restaurants in Farmers Plaza. After searching the place, we all agreed to dine at Tropical Hut.

Jaoey ordered their 1-pc chicken meal. And just like any other fried chicken meal, of course, Jaoey loved it! Haha! The chicken was fried to perfection making its skin so crispy yet maintaining a tender and juicy meat.

IMG_52251-pc Chicken Meal - Php 83.00

Chino, Gia, and I had an order each of the Cheeseburger meal which already includes regular fries and a drink. Their burgers are very juicy, meaty, and flavorful and goes perfectly well with the melts-in-your-mouth cheese and semi-sweet buns.

IMG_5224Cheesebuger Meal - Php 78.00

Mommy had their Chicken Sandwich meal (Php 85.00) while Daddy had their Double Double Burger meal. Both meals also come with regular fries and drink.

IMG_5227Double Double Burger Meal - Php 145.00

Just like the cheeseburgers, Daddy's double double burger was equally delectable. It had the same beef patty and cheese, just doubled, plus some crunchy fresh lettuce, cucumber, and tomato slices to add texture to the dish. It's his favorite order every time we dine at Tropical Hut. :D Their chicken sandwich, though I haven't tried yet, are also my parents' favorites.

Simple as it may seem, I really enjoyed the first part of my birthday celebration. I got to thank the Lord for another year and I got to spend some quality time with my loves. ♥♥♥

We all enjoyed the food and had fun fooling around and posing for the camera. :p

IMG_5226 IMG_5229

Tropical Hut is one of the very few fast food chains that my Daddy loves and approves of, which the whole family has also come to love.

IMG_5234 IMG_5232

Tropical Hut's burgers (the cheeseburgers, classic, and double double burgers, specifically) and chicken sandwich, plus their macaroni salad which is my personal favorite, are the very reasons why we keep coming back. :)

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