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Birthday Dinner at DADS World Buffets

The renewal center in Farmers Plaza has already transferred, so after our merienda, we headed to SM Megamall because we will be having dinner there and there's also a renewal center there.

We got to the mall a little after 4pm only to find out that the renewal center has also transferred. And because we were still too early for our dinner reservation, and as per Jaoey's suggestion, we decided to kill time in the arcade.


We had my birthday dinner at DADS World Buffets. After confirming our reservation, the staff ushered us to our table, just right beside the Sushi and Sashimi buffet section.

It's actually my 3rd time here in DADS but even during my first, I already knew how my dad would not like the restaurant's ambience. :p Yup, aside from my dad's meticulous palates, he's also very particular when it comes to a restaurant's ambience.

I know that kind of look on daddy's face was something. If not for my birthday, I'm sure he'd insist that we dine elsewhere. :p And yes, I was right. Daddy said that the ambience in the Makati branch is a lot more appealing than that of the Megamall branch.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop us from having a blast! :D After saying grace before meals, our feast began. Daddy, Mommy, and Chino went on first while the rest of us had fun on the camera. :p

I didn't bother to take pictures of the buffet spread because it's just the same with what they served during my first time. Let me just share with you what each of us feasted on that night. :p

DSC03660Chino's Plate

DSC03664Gia's Plates

Mommy's Plate

I just can't contain my laughter right when I saw Jaoey's plates! This kiddo really has a fascination over fried chicken, eh? He also got this fried dumpling, which was mostly wrapper, and was a hit for him because he loves fried lumpia wrappers too! Hahaha! :p

His second plate also had his other favorite, pancit canton noodles and pork barbecue.

I guess daddy and I really think alike that we got almost the same dishes, not to mention what we got were all delicious! :D

Daddy's Plates

The shrimps and mushrooms were the stars on my plate. I love how the sweetness of the mushrooms and shrimps balances out the spiciness of the dish. They were both seasoned just right and also had that crunch which I loved!

My Plate

I told myself that I won't get what I already had before, but I just can't resist these tempura and dumplings! :p

I fell in love with the their cream puffs and maja blanca when I first tried them so I made sure to have them on my dessert plate. I also enjoyed and loved the strawberry ice cream! :D

Our dessert plates :D

We also had rounds and rounds of mango and watermelon shakes for our drinks.

Since it's my birthday, I got to dine for free! :D I wasn't able to experience being serenaded by their staff though since they were still on the other tables and we all decided to leave already.

But overall, we had a fun dining experience. We all enjoyed our dinner! 

Although the ambience was not a hit, there's no denying that the food was great and I was glad that Daddy liked it! Daddy also commended their customer service. Just like how it was during my first time, the staff were very attentive to the needs of the diners. They were very prompt in clearing out our empty plates and glasses and were very enthusiastic in serving our drinks. :)

Although I don't think my family will ever come back here soon, I'm still going to bring Mark here when he comes home. I just wanna find out what he has to say about the food and the place. And there are still a lot of dishes which I have yet to try! Haha! :p

Level 4 Bridgeway, SM Megamall
EDSA, Mandaluyong City

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