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It's my 28th birthday yesterday and it was such a fun day!

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Actually, even weeks before my actual birthday, I already had a couple of pre-birthday lunch-outs with my loves. I'd go to the details in my next posts, but for now here's a sneak peek of how I celebrated my 28th birthday!

1534276_10153629659325640_802490155_n copy1503820_10153629661065640_1704344744_n1546096_10153637518550640_525188513_n copy1525498_10153644865145640_1492617259_nBirthday Merienda at Tropical Hut HamburgerBirthday Merienda at DADS World Buffets
I thank the Lord for giving me the most precious gift, my family! Nothing really compares to quality times spent with the family!

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Although we didn't have a feast at home, since my daddy's still not sure if he'd need to go to work on my birthday, daddy still made sure to make it up for his baby girl. Hihi! :D Thank you very much, daddy, for all the efforts! And for the birthday cake! Haha! I love you!

Photo 14 (1) copy To my family and friends, and to everyone who went out of their ways to greet, thank you very much for all the warm greetings and well wishes! I know my "thank yous" are not enough but I will never get tired of thanking all of you!

I'm indeed truly blessed to have all of you! I love you all! God bless you all! :D

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