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Daddy's Birthday Dinner at Vikings

It was my daddy's birthday last Wednesday, October 30. Since he had to go to work, we to decided to just have the celebration over a buffet dinner at Vikings.

Together with the rest of the family, we went to SM Marikina for lunch. And since we're with Jaoey and he got to choose what to eat, we had our lunch at KFC while waiting for our daddy dear.

Since I've read online how packed the place is even during weekdays, I made sure to get a reservation at Vikings for daddy's birthday dinner. After confirming our reservation, we were ushered by one of their staff to our table. Our table was located at the center part of the restaurant which gave us an easy access to the different buffet sections. After saying our grace before meals, our feast began. Gia and I went together and checked out the buffet.

DSC02153 DSC02152
The desserts section is what will welcome diners as they enter the restaurant. The dessert choices range from cakes, jellies, salads, fresh fruits, and native Filipino delicacies; to fondues, chocolates, gummies, candies, crepes, ice creams, and yogurt.

IMG_2581 IMG_2576
Right next to the desserts section is another long stretch of appetizers, salads, breads, cold cuts, cheese, and tempura.

IMG_2572IMG_2569 IMG_2571IMG_2570
IMG_2568 IMG_2566
There's also a wide variety of drinks which include juices, teas, sodas, Milo shake, beers, and coffee. Wines are also available for an additional charge. :)

At the center part of the restaurant, and the buffet right next to where we were seated, is a haven for sushi and sashimi lovers.

Another stretch includes a combination of Oriental, and Western dishes.

DSC02157IMG_2587IMG_2589IMG_2592IMG_2594IMG_2596IMG_2599DSC02169- DSC02158IMG_2588IMG_2590IMG_2593IMG_2595IMG_2597IMG_2598IMG_2604

At the far end of the restaurant is the buffet stretch for the grill station and shabu-shabu.

IMG_2600 IMG_2601
I hope I didn't bore you with those too many photos. Thank you for reading up until here. Now on to our dining experience. :D

Thinking that I covered all the sections, it's just now that I noticed that I forgot to take photos of the buffet section with crabs, shrimps, and different kinds of soups and rice! Haha! Yes, that's just how extensive Vikings' buffet is. The food choices were overwhelming that I can't seem to decide what to have. Here's what I got for my first plate.

It actually took me a couple of rounds back and forth the whole buffet stretch just to get back to the table with this plate. It was like I already got full just by looking at the food choices. :p Noticed how disoriented my plate looked? The viands just don't seem to go well with each other. Haha!

I must say though that everything in my plate was delicious! The crablets were very crispy and seasoned just right. I love that the chicken fingers were not oily. Its crunchy crust and tender meat just had the right amount of saltiness and was made even tastier by the tangy tartar sauce. The beef siomai also did impress my palates since there's not a hint of floury taste and texture. The mashed potato was equally delicious with some chunks of potatoes still evident and generous amount of bacon crisps and spring onions for that added texture. The carbonara pizza's taste wasn't left far behind. I loved that it's thin crust making that creamy and cheesy taste from the sauce and smokey bacon slices stand out.

I've been eyeing the Hakaw, Garlic Buttered Oysters, and Baked Scallops and had to get back to the buffet table once in a while to check if they're available. Yup, I think these were some of the best-sellers during that night.


I finally got to score some Hakaw on my 4th time to check haha! Saw a few more pieces left, so I got four of it all for myself. Hihi. Each piece has a generous amount of sweet and crisp shrimps inside a melt-in-your-mouth dumpling wrapper. Every bite was just heaven on my palates!

These Garlic Buttered Oysters were actually a test of patience for me that night haha! :p After countless of times of checking the buffet table, I already gave up. It's platter is just always empty. Good thing Jaoey was able get us three of it. These were the last few pieces when he passed by the buffet table so he got them all. :D This one I had to share with my sister, Gia. The meat was cooked just right as it was tender and not too chewy. The combination of garlic, butter, and cheese, plus that distinct taste from the oyster were all worth the wait! Yum!

IMG_2638Garlic Buttered Oysters

Didn't bother to check the Baked Scallops out again after seeing that the platter was also empty. Just like the oysters, the scallops were really a hit for the diners that night. I was just lucky to catch a platter full of scallops when I was heading back to our table from the restroom, so I didn't let the chance pass haha! Didn't expect that this little dish would taste as huge as its shell haha. Add up the cheesy and buttery flavors with a little hint of spiciness, this tiny meat had its flavors bursting all over my mouth. Another good pick!

IMG_2658Baked Scallops

Got a couple of slices of quiche and tuna sliders for my fifth plate. Both were actually good. There was a generous amount of meat, veggies, and cheese in each dish. Well anything with cheese, for me, is undoubtedly delicious. :p I just had to share these with my brother, Chino, as I was already full.

IMG_2624Quiche and Tuna Sliders

The dessert buffet was very much inviting with a lot of dessert choices, but I wasn't really up for some desserts that night. Not until Gia came back to our table with a bowl of yogurt! I was craving for yogurt for sometime and so I gave in. My tummy still has room for dessert that night anyway. :p Thank you Jaoey for my bowl of yogurt! :D

IMG_2627Yogurt with Strawberry Syrup

I also had rounds of the Four Seasons drink to complete my meal. If you think that my dinner was already a lot, wait 'til you see what the rest of the plates in our table looked like.

DSC02182-IMG_2648 DSC02189-DSC02184-
IMG_2643 IMG_2646
Well those were just some of the plates that I got to take pictures of. Yup, there were still a lot more hahaha! :p

IMG_2626 IMG_2625

In the middle of our dinner, some of the Vikings staff approached our tables, handed the cake to my daddy, put a hat on him, and then started to sing a birthday song. :D

IMG_2617 IMG_2619

Happy birthday Daddy!!! :D

IMG_2650 IMG_2651

We all had a fun dining experience at Vikings. I know that we still have yet to try a lot of other buffet restaurants, but Vikings have already set the bar high.

IMG_2623 IMG_2558
DSC02118Default Vikings picture #1

DSC02115Default Vikings picture #2

Although I personally haven't tasted everything that Vikings offer, at least all that I got were delicious. Aside from the extensive buffet spread, customer service was also commendable. We all went out from the restaurant with happy tummies! So will we come back, definitely! :D

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