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Savory Lunch with Mommy

Had to go to LTO in Pasig a couple of weeks back to process some documents for my car. Still haven't been there so I was badly in need of someone to accompany me. Good thing mommy also needed to have her driver's license renewed so she came along. :)

We learned that the renewal of driver's license wasn't available that time at LTO Pasig, so we just had our car documents processed (which took almost 4 hours) and just decided to renew mommy's license at Robinsons Metro East (which took only around 15 minutes). After having completed our agenda, which was way past lunch time, we finally got the time to eat!

Mommy chose to dine at Classic Savory and, since it's already late and my tummy's already screaming for food, I just immediately agreed. This is one of the few restaurants that our family frequents. Yup, Classic Savory's dishes, their chicken specifically, passed daddy's taste! :p Mommy and I got their an order of the Savory Chicken Combo Meal, which is already good for two, and a serving of their corn soup.

Since we just wanted something to warm up our tummies and to somehow pacify our hunger, and since the photo of the soup looked good enough for sharing, we intentionally got a single serving of the corn soup. Mommy and I were both shocked and just stared blankly each other when the soup was served. :p It's true that we weren't expecting something generous considering the price of the soup, but we weren't expecting something like this either.

IMG_1321-Corn Soup - Php 35.00

Took a photo of the soup when it was already half empty. The soup was in a very small bowl, just like the once that we use at home for sauces. I do not usually whine about prices especially when I know that I'm getting the equivalent of what I paid for, but the soup just wasn't worth it I think. It was just not enough. The soup was okay, it was served hot, with some eggs and a few corn kernels, but everything was all gone after a few sips. Seems like it didn't even reach my stomach haha! :p

We chose Savory Chicken Combo C which come with 1/2 Chicken, Pancit Canton, Salt and Pepper Squid, 2 Special Turon, and 2 plain rice. There's just no denying that their chicken has been a family favorite. That distinct savory taste which I think is from star anise was very evident from the crispy chicken skin up to the tender and juicy the meat. It was also not oily and had just the right amount of saltiness. It is delicious as is but you may also choose to dip in their special gravy for a more delectable treat.

The deep-fried squid seasoned with salt and pepper was perfect for both Mommy and I. The red chili and green bell pepper slices made also made the dish more exciting. It also comes with spiced vinegar for an added tangy kick. I loved how tender the squid slices were. They were also not oily. The serving wasn't that generous though, I actually looked under the chicken but there were really just 3 slices of squid.

IMG_1328Savory Chicken Combo C4 - Php 385.00

Their pancit canton didn't quite appeal to me. I'm actually not a fan of saucy pancit canton. Mommy also didn't like it that much and said that it was just plain salty. There was a generous amount of chicken liver, squid balls, shrimps, and veggies though. I also noticed that the serving was fewer than the other branches that we've tried.

Aside from the Salt and Pepper Squid, diners may also choose among Sweet and Sour Pork, Salt and Pepper Spareribs, or Creamy Fish Filler. The Savory Chicken Combo C also comes with 2 glasses of Tropical Coolers. A blend of luscious pineapple, orange, and guava fruit juices was a perfect way to end our meal.

IMG_1324-Topical Coolers

I just have to say that their Robinsons Metro East branch has the slowest service among the branches that we've tried (Alimall, SM City Masinag, SM City Taytay). We were there way past lunch time and there were only a couple of tables with diners, but we just had to wait for a long while and make a couple of follow ups before our orders were served.

Although there were a few misses, Classic Savory once again still managed to make our tummies and palates jump out of joy. We usually get to take home some of the chicken from the combo meal, but I guess mommy and I were that hungry that we wiped out everything from our plate! Well it was mommy who actually ate almost everything haha! :p

CLASSIC SAVORY, Robinsons Metro EastClick to add a blog post for Classic Savory on Zomato
L2 154-158 Level 2 Robinsons Metro East
Dela Paz Pasig City
(02) 571-9056 / (02) 647-4645 / (0917) 596-2316

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