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KC kupcakes: Not Just Your Ordinary Cupcakes

Now this is the culprit of my absence in the blogosphere for the past weeks! :p

Yup, and for the first time I can say that it's not because I was just too lazy to blog, it's just that I was very busy with making cupcakes. :D

Aside from my love of cooking, I also love to bake. My sister Gia and I would just bake some cakes for the family usually for snacks. This hobby turned out to be something that we'd enjoy and love to do! :D

It actually started on Jaoey's birthday last May. Jaoey already had a birthday celebration together with the Mother's Day celebration two days ahead of his actual birthday. During his actual birthday, we still had some cakes from the previous days, so we just thought of making some cupcakes for him.

Being the pickiest eater, it's really something whenever Jaoey approves of and likes a certain food. And luckily, he loved our cupcakes! :D

It was that good that mommy didn't hesitate to give cupcakes as birthday gift to the daughter of her friend the following week.

Jeff, Gia's boyfriend, who happens to be into the buy-and-sell business, was also captivated by our cupcakes that he suggested that we put up an advertisement online. We initially thought it was just a joke, until he posted an ad at and inquiries started to come! :D

This is the first set of orders that we got. There wasn't a specific design but the client mentioned that he wanted something which we think his girlfriend would love. And so these are what we came up with.

We only started with simple designs like candy flowers, candy sprinkles, and marshmallows, until we got not just one but three sets of orders for customized designs. Having worked with fondant for the first time, don't you think Gia and I did a good job on these? And yup, they're all hand-crafted! :D

IMG_6266Medical Items-themed Cupcakes

IMG_6264Underwater-themed Cupcakes

IMG_6262 Pink and Green Baby Girl Items-themed Christening Cupcakes

We've been receiving a lot of good feedback, so we decided to come up with our brand name and logo and put up a page in Facebook. KC kupcakes was what we came up with. It's a no-brainer actually, K is for my name (Kriska Marie), and C is for my sister's (Gia Carla). We intentionally tweaked the spelling of cupcakes to emphasize our initials.

Choosing of colors was also a breeze, I love pink while Gia loves purple! :D I wanted it something light yet playful so I also added in a hint of blue and yellow.

KC kupcakes started out just this June and we've already got a number of orders, likes, and positive feedback. Aside from the delicious cupcakes, we also take pride of our cute hand-crafted fondant cupcake toppers, making KC kupcakes truly not just your ordinary cupcakes. :)

you-cant-buy-happiness-but-you-can-buy-cupcakes-and-thats-kind-of-the-same-thingPhoto grabbed from Google

For more of our cupcake designs, you may visit KC kupcakes on Facebook. For orders and inquiries you may email us at :)

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