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Holdak: The Real Korean Fried Chicken

Before anything else, let me just say sorry for another overdue post, a way overdue post that is. But this is definitely worth sharing so I hope you guys will continue to read on. :)

A few months back, I received a bloggers' night invitation from Holdak, the newest casual restaurant to open in the Philippines, which specializes in authentic Korean-style fried chicken.

Together with my sister, Gia, and her boyfriend, Jeff, we headed to Holdak Chicken at Mezza Residences in Quezon City.

After registration, we were ushered inside. We chose the seats near the counter which gave us an ample view of the restaurant. The restaurant is small yet cozy and playful with its mellow lights and white and orange-themed interior.

I love the painted wall which is inspired by Myeongdong, one of the most famous commercial districts in Korea where people go to eat, drink, and play.

This street sign was also a cute addition to the Korean vibe. And just right above it, I finally saw something which answered my question, well I guess the question of every guests that night. Why is it called Holdak? :p

So why is it called Holdak? It actually comes from the Korean phrase Holdak ban hada which means "to fall deeply and madly in love with someone or something," and Dak, which means chicken in Hangul (Korean Language). So the name Holdak is a play on words which means "to fall deeply and madly in love with chicken". :)

We were served with some Curry Fries and drinks while waiting for the event to start. I was used to having cheese and barbecue-flavored fries, and never thought that curry would also go well with fries.

IMG_6303Curry Fries

Although it was good, I still thought that a little more saltiness to it will make it taste better.

IMG_6296Curry Fries

The event started with an introduction from Holdak's President, Mr. Carl Tan.

It was followed by an entertainment through a short skit from Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter. It was actually my first time to see something new in an event like this. They were all funny and entertaining.

After the introduction and skit came the most awaited part of every guests, we were then served with plates of Korean chicken! Yay! :D

Holdak is made with quality chicken thigh fillets to ensure flavorful and juicy chicken in every bite. Unlike other Korean fried chicken restaurants where the flavor only stays in the skin leaving the meat all bland, Holdak's fried chicken's flavors lingers deep into the meat. The skin remains crispy while the meat is perfectly seasoned and tender.

Holdak currently offers four special sauces, each with its own unique flavor and defining ingredient.

Yang-nyam is their original Korean style fried chicken with a unique Holdak taste. Its perfect combination of sweet, sour, and salty flavors will definitely give your tongue (and tummy) a heavenly satisfaction. This is one of my personal favorites.


Spicy Yang-nyam shares the rich flavor of the Holdak Yang-nyan sauce with an added kick of spiciness. I didn't bother tasting this one as I'm weak-hearted when it comes to spicy food. If you're a spicy food lover, then this flavor is definitely the best for you. It was that spicy that even Gia who's into spicy food was already teary-eyed and kept sniffing as she devours the spicy yang-nyam. She said that she can really feel the burn in her mouth as if she was breathing fire! Haha!

IMG_6333Spicy Yang-nyam

Another personal favorite, Padak is the culmination of different Korean flavors flawlessly infused together to bring a zesty Asian flavor that is uniquely Holdak. Topped with freshly sliced spring onions, and best eaten with a couple or two slices of it too, Padak definitely is a must-try! Aside from the sweet, sour, and salty taste, it also has a hint of spiciness which is very mild and which I can very much tolerate. :p


Jack Daniels, one of their best sellers as Holdak claimed, is topped with caramelized onions to complement its light and sweet taste. This is Holdak's version of the world famous sauce adjusted to fit the Filipino palate. Although Jack Daniels is good, Padak and Yang-nyam are still my top picks! :D

IMG_6332Jack Daniels

Aside from the chicken, we were also served with their side dishes.  I love the salad, it's made from cabbage and a special dressing which best complements their chicken dishes. Though nothing fancy, I just love how the salad whetted my appetite for another round of chicken! :D


The Cheese Ramen was also a revelation. I never thought cheese and ramen will work well altogether. Well I guess any dish with cheese is heaven, right?!

IMG_6369Cheese Ramen

And for dessert (which I made sure to make room for :p) we were served with Melona, a Korean ice cream on stick. They also have other Korean Ice Creams in their menu like the fish-shaped one and the Encho ice cream.

IMG_6344IMG_6346 IMG_6347IMG_6350

It was a really fun and filling night! Special thanks to Holdak Marketing Manager Ms. Rochelle Tan, Holdak General Manager Mr. Michael Tan, Holdak President Mr. Carl Tan, and to the rest of the Holdak staff for inviting us over, for the very delicious food, and for a super fun night! Thanks so much for these goodies! :D

Thanks so much for these goodies! :D

Holdak definitely lived up to its name. I left the restaurant having fallen deeply and madly in love with their chicken! I really wish they come up with a branch in Antipolo, or at least near Antipolo. :D

So if you want to discover the taste of authentic Korean fried chicken and fall deeply and madly in love like I did, visit Holdak at the Ground Floor of Mezza Residences!

G/F Mezza Residences
Aurora Blvd. cor. Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 354-2195
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