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Can't Get Enough of Holdak

I fell in love with Holdak the first time I got to try it, and I guess I share the same sentiments with my sister Gia. We were both craving for their chicken for weeks already but didn't get the chance to satisfy our cravings since their branch is quite far from where we live.

Good thing we were near the area during one of our cupcake deliveries so Gia and I decided to grab some lunch at Holdak. :) It was actually my third time at Holdak, my second one was a week after the event when I got a Yang-nyam Mini Meal and a Box of 6 each of their Padak and Yang-nyam all for take out. :) 

Although Holdak is a self-service pay-as-you-order type of restaurant, they have a friendly staff which is very attentive of the needs of the guests.  The menu is not that extensive which for me is a plus since I won't have to take the burden of having to decide what to get. :p Here is what Holdak offers:

Choosing what to have was such a breeze for Gia and I since we already have our top picks even during our first try. We both got their mini meal and sodas for our drinks. Gia got their Padak Mini Meal while I opted for the Yang-nyam Mini Meal.

IMG_8408Padak Mini Meal - Php 99.00

The Mini Meal comes with two pieces of chicken with a sauce of your choice plus one plain rice.

IMG_8407Yang-nyam Mini Meal - Php 99.00

Although the taste was just like the ones that we first fell in love with, the size of the chicken fillet seemed a lot smaller than what was actually served to us during the bloggers' night. Nevertheless, the serving was still enough to fill the tummy.

IMG_8410Salad - Php 35.00

I also got a serving of their salad which is a perfect pair for the chicken. And for dessert, Gia and I both got their Melona Ice Cream. Yum! :D

IMG_8411Melona Ice Cream - Php 45.00 each

We got to take home a Box of 6 each of the Padak and Jack Daniels for free! Thank you once again to Holdak for the free chicken! :D

IMG_8749Box of 6 - Jack Daniels

IMG_8750Box of 6 - Padak

For those with bigger appetites, there is the Solo Meal which consists of 3 pieces of chicken plus one plain rice. Holdak also caters to larger groups with their Box of 6 and Box of 12 chicken, all with a choice of your own sauce plus a side salad. For the Box of 12, up to 2 different sauces may be chosen.

We really just can't get enough of Holdak that Gia, Jeff, and I once again dined at Holdak last Saturday for lunch after our cupcake deliveries haha! And of course, we again just got the same orders and fell deeper and more madly in love with Holdak! :D

G/F Mezza Residences
Aurora Blvd. cor. Araneta Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 354-2195

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