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Summer fun with the Family at Ocean View in Subic

Okay, so it's already June but I'm still not done with my summer posts. Will you guys forgive me and allow me to just squeeze in this one? :D

A few days after our day tour at Cristina Villas, we again got to enjoy another summer fun, at the beach, but this time without my mom and my older brother. Last April 20, Gia, Jaoey, and I were tagged along by my dad for their company outing at Ocean View Resort in Subic.


Although I've been to Subic a lot of times already, it was my first time to be with my family so I still got excited. Jaoey was the most excited because it was his first time again (after almost 7 years I think) to hit the beach. We left the house early and got to the resort after almost a 3-hour drive. We were provided with breakfast while waiting for our room to be setup.



I've searched through the net about Ocean View Resort before our trip so I already knew what to expect when we I arrived.


The hotel has a lobby where guests may stay to watch some TV, play the piano, or enjoy a free wi-fi.

IMG_4176 IMG_4177

We were assigned with a suite room for four at the fourth floor of the hotel. It is fully air-conditioned, with two queen-sized bed, a cable TV, a wooden couch, and a work/study area.


IMG_4025 IMG_4024
IMG_4032 IMG_4033

The clean restroom was spacious enough for guests to move around with ease. I also love that there is a shower curtain which separates the toilet from the shower area. There was a sink with mirror, plus some soaps and shampoo, toilet with no bidet but a pail and dipper came in handy, plus a well working hot and cold shower.


The room wasn't that posh compared to the suite rooms that I've been to, but it was clean, spacious, and decent enough. Jaoey just had one complain, their cable TV doesn't have all the channels that Jaoey wants haha! :p

Oh another thing that I noticed was this Holy Bible. Call me overacting, but I just believe that this Book deserves a much better and much decent location than in an open cabinet near the restroom. :(


There were no cabinets as well for our clothes and things, so we just had to place our bags at the couch and hang our clothes at the chairs.

After we got all our things settled and after a little rest, we all prepped up to hit the beach. After a few pictures with daddy, he went with his officemates for their summer activities while Gia, Jaoey, and I continued to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea! We just had to stop all the fun for lunch. :p


IMG_4064 IMG_4065
IMG_4070 IMG_4075
Food and drinks were overflowing. I'm just not sure if the hotel's restaurant serves the same menu for the rest of the hotel guests, but for the company outing, we had this for lunch.


We got back to the hotel after lunch for some siesta and then come 3pm, we were back to the beach! :D The hotel also has a pool, which we didn't bother to check because it was packed with kids, but we liked the beach more.


IMG_4131 IMG_4129
After dinner, Gia, Jaoey, and I got back to the hotel. Gia and I were supposed to have some rounds of drinks but I immediately fell asleep when we got to our room. :p We woke up early the next morning, got back to the beach, and had some morning dip.


Our morning dip was cut short when we started seeing some huge jellyfish around the beach and the water. Although the staff at Ocean View said that these jellyfish weren't harmful, we were still scared. But they assured that everything's fine and the management immediately took action in clearing out the jellyfish.


IMG_4187 IMG_4190

We then had breakfast and got back to the hotel and prepared to check-out.

IMG_4197 IMG_4199
A little notes about the resort:
* There's a 4-story hotel with affordable rooms. There are no elevators, so brace yourselves, your legs specifically, for some leg workout.
* Free Wi-Fi is available, but only at the hotel's lobby at the ground floor.
* The hotel is quite far from the pool and beach area, so you'll have to walk to get to the beach. You may also choose to bring your car from the hotel to the beach area since there are a lot of parking space.
* Cottages and huts are also available for day tours, night tours, and even overnight stays. These are nearer the beach area.
* A restaurant/bar and a mini-store is also available at the resort for your food and other needs.

Since it's Jaoey's first time at Subic, we also roamed around the Freeport Zone and then took some pictures. :D


We then went next to Royal Duty Free to buy some pasalubong and then to Harbor Point for lunch.


IMG_4249 IMG_4247

And since it was Jaoey who got to choose where to dine, we had his forever favorite KFC chicken for lunch! :p


We definitely had a fun two days at Subic. And I'm sure it would've been a lot more fun if Chino and Mommy were with us. :)


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