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To Eileen and to all my Dear Readers, Thank You!!!

I may not have everything in the world, but good things have always been coming my way in almost every aspect of my life, including this blog, and with that I am very happy, blessed, and thankful!

Just last Monday, I got this porcelain pen and bookmark set in the mail, from another sweet reader, all the way from China! Thank you, Eileen!

I also just checked and saw that we are getting more "likes" in our Facebook page. Sweet Nothings is inching its way to 400 "likes"!

I know these figures are not even close compared to what other blog fan pages have, but these figures are just far more than what I expected and they just really mean a lot to me. :)

No words could ever express how thankful and happy I am, but let me just say it once again, thank you everyone for your continuous support for Sweet Nothings! I hope you guys will never get tired of coming back.

To Eileen and to all my Dear Readers, thank you very much!!! May God bless you all! Have a happy weekend! :)
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