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My Beef Caldereta was a Hit!

I'm just so happy I have to post this haha! I cooked Beef Caldereta for lunch yesterday and it was a hit! Yay!

It was actually my first time to cook this dish and I'm glad my family loved it. Even my baby brother, Jaoey, who's a picky eater, enjoyed it! :D I posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and it got a lot of 'likes'.

Quoting my sister Gia's comment: "Hit! Anghang! Sarap!" ("Hit! Spicy! Delicious!"), I can now say that my first time was successful. All their satisfied smiles, compliments, and burps were priceless! :)

I intentionally didn't take photos of the ingredients and cooking procedures, since it's just my first time to cook this, but I will definitely cook this again and will post the recipe soon! :D

January 27, 2014 - Please click HERE for the Beef Caldereta recipe. :D
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