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Kerby Raymundo's Advanced Birthday Gift for Jaoey :)

Jaoey loves basketball so much. Aside from playing basketball in our backyard and in the xbox, you'll catch him glued on the TV as he watches his favorite basketball teams in the NBA and PBA.

So when his birthday month came, I thought that Jaoey would love it if he gets some fan sign from his favorite PBA basketball team, the Ginebra Kings. And since Mark has become Kerby Raymundo's (one of Ginebra's top players) personal trainer and a good friend as well, I knew that we can make Jaoey's wish happen. :)

It was Mark who relayed our request to Kerby, who immediately obliged and made a fan sign for Jaoey. The fan sign already made Jaoey ecstatic, more so was the unexpected birthday gift! :D Kerby gave him 2 tickets for Game 4!

168269_10152775729515640_76539525_nKerby Raymundo of the Ginebra Kings

We've already watched live games before, but this one got Jaoey very much excited because the tickets were from his idol, Kerby Raymundo. :)

After having lunch with Mark and his family last Friday, May 10, I got back to Antipolo to fetch Jaoey. We were scheduled to meet Kerby's driver at Starbucks Araneta Center at 5:30pm.

After getting the tickets, we lined up to the entrance and got to the coliseum. :D

IMG_4775IMG_4782Early Birds :p

Jaoey got excited when the Ginebra Kings got out and did some practice shots. My phone's battery went off right after we took the tickets, so we just used Jaoey's camera phone for the following pictures. :)

His excitement was even fueled up when the game began.

And to even add to the hype, adrenaline, and fun, Jaoey's bets, the Ginebra Kings, won!!! \m/

After the game, we had our late dinner at where else but Jaoey's favorite! :p

Jaoey was very happy that night! Thanks to Kerby who was very game to pose for the fan sign and for giving Jaoey an advanced birthday gift! God bless you and your team!

Congratulations on your win last time and good luck on your game tonight! :) GI-NEB-RA!!! GI-NEB-RA!!! \m/
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