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Kriska Cooks: Graham Refrigerated Cake: Queso Mango Float

When we were planning for the Mother's Day and Jaoey's 11th Birthday celebration, daddy asked if we could make a Graham refrigerated cake. And Gia and I, being very much excited for it, gladly obliged. :)

We've already made refrigerated cakes before with fruit cocktails and peaches, so we decided to use mangoes this time. And since we're also adding in some cheddar cheese, we coined its name as Queso Mango Float. Here's another recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth!

IMG_5083Queso Mango Float


IMG_48532 pack Honey Graham Crackers IMG_4855-2 cans 168ml Alaska Condensada

IMG_4852-Crushed Grahams Honey

IMG_4858IMG_48595 medium-sized ripe mangoes, cut into thin slices

IMG_4854-4 packs 250ml Nestle All-purpose Cream (chilled) IMG_48571 175g Kraft Eden Cheese, grated

1 8x8x4 inch pan

Preparation and Cooking Procedures:

Cut mangoes into thin slices and set aside the seeds. Scrape off the mangoes from the seeds and place in a mixing bowl.

Add in the chilled all-purpose cream to the mango puree and mix well.

Add in the condensed milk and grated cheese to the mango cream mixture.

For a thicker consistency, add in a quarter cup of the crushed grahams to the cream mixture.

Lay graham crackers in a pan. Fill the spaces with crushed grahams.


Add around 1/4 inch thick layer of the cream mixture on top of the grahams.

Add in the mangoes and add another layer of the cream mixture.

Pour in a little cream on top of the mangoes.

Repeat stacking the grahams, cream mixture, and mangoes until you reach the top of the pan. Chill for around 30 minutes to an hour.

We still had enough cream mixture and peaches and were still able to make 2 two-layer cakes in a 7x4.5x2 inch microwavable container.

Serve chilled and enjoy!!! :D

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