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Yexel's Toy Museum

If there's one thing that will always remain in most (if not all) of us, kids and the kids at heart alike, I think it would be our love for toys. I for one feel a lot more relaxed and happier whenever I see my Hello Kitty toys which are still intact up to now. Mark also has this little collection of Ferrari toy cars that are displayed in his room.

And so last November, Mark and I did away with our usual lunch and movie date and went off for a fun adventure. We paid a visit at Yexel's Toy Museum in Las Piñas and got to feel like little kids again. :)

The museum is a product of Yexel's (the owner) fondness in collecting toys. It is a three-story museum that houses thousands of toys and action figures from the small ones, to life-sized, and even huge ones.

The place was undergoing renovation, the facade specifically, so I wasn't able to take a photo of it. At the receiving area, you will be welcomed with this huge figures of The Simpsons.

After paying an entrance fee of Php 300 per head, we started to roam around.

The museum ushers were very friendly and accommodating. We were told that Yexel usually ushers the guests, but he was sleeping during our visit.

Every step just felt like as if we were brought back to the time when we were little kids.

We were very delighted as we check each toy out!

On the second floor, we were like transported into different worlds with these huge action figures and cartoon characters.

There's also an air-conditioned room where Yexel's most precious toys are housed.

If my memory serves me right, those life-sized busts, life-sized figures and memorabilia of movie characters, superheroes, and wrestling stars were purchased abroad.

On the third floor is where the Star Wars figures and memorabilia are stationed.

Also the star of the museum, which I liked the most, is a huge replica of Optimus Prime, complete with the sound effects!

Huge figures of superheroes were also present.

Although taking pictures was prohibited, we were allowed to get up to the rooftop where the life-sized and huge figures are being made. We were able to witness the sculptors do some of the Looney Tunes characters and they were really good!

Mark and I both enjoyed our stay at the museum. I was actually beginning to feel a bit sad since I haven't seen any Hello Kitty toys, but on our way out, I saw one! Yay! :D

In this day and age when the definition of toys would be XBOX, PS3, iPad, and the like; nothing still beats the incomparable happiness and enjoyment that same old toy cars, cute dolls and doll houses, stuffed toys, action figures, and building blocks bring. Yexel's Toy Museum is such a great example! It just proves that you can never be too old to play with toys and that these toys are way better than the virtual ones. 

According to the photos on their facebook page the renovation is now complete and new toys and action figures, were added to the museum. They're also planning to add more Hello Kitties! :D

And since it's summer vacation, Yexel's Toy Museum is open EVERYDAY until June 2, from 10am to 8pm. Entrance fee is Php 300 for kids and adults. I guess that's another good reason to visit the place! Kids and the kids at heart will definitely enjoy and have fun here!

52 Sampaguita Rd., Pilar Village
1740 Las Piñas
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