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Summer Fun at Cristina Villas

Almost a week after our family fun at Altaroca, our family once again enjoyed some summer fun last Wednesday, April 17, but this time without my dad. My dad wasn't able to join us because of work. It was just actually my mom's aerobics group's summer outing, and families were allowed to be tagged along. :)

Mom's aero group's summer outing was cancelled a day before, but since we were all set, with Mark and Jeff already at our house because they were also coming along, and with Jaoey very much excited for it, we still pushed through.

After having breakfast at home, we headed to Cristina Villas. There were already a number of cars parked at the resort, and since we're not fans of crowded places, we were hesitant at first. My mom, together with Jaoey, Chino, and Mark checked the place out and got back with a go signal for us to unload our things.

There were a number of guests that time but since the resort was big enough, the place didn't become crowded. My mom chose the cottage at the lower area of the resort, beside the hotel, near the lap pool.

I'm not sure if there are locker rooms, but the cottage that we got only has a platform near the roof where we placed our things. It's safe to leave your things there since there are staff roaming around every area. There were also some cottages that have mezzanines with locks, where a mattress is situated and things may be placed.

After everything was settled, we roamed around the resort to check the place out.

IMG_3823Cottage - Php 800.00 (for 10 persons)

Just below our cottage is a 5ft-deep lap pool with slides. At the far end of the pool is a covered 3ft-deep area with waterfalls, perfect for kids.

On the upper area, just a few walks from our cottage, is where the shower room and toilet are situated.

The resort has a total of 5 pools, one of which is the huge kiddie pool area. The kiddie pool area is divided into 3 pools, with mushroom like figures with water falls, plus slides, monkey bars, swings, and a basketball court.

Although going to the rest of the pools in the resort would take so much effort since the area is in a mountain and cottages are far from some of the pool areas, the picturesque view of the garden setting with all the trees and greens surrounding the resort is very much worth all the effort.

Aside from the lush greens, different structures also surround the resort which are all worth taking a photo of. :)

The resort also houses Cafe Cristina, an in-house bar and cafe which offer a variety of dishes. Although a cafe is already available in the resort, they still allow guests to bring in some food.

After a few minutes of an uphill climb, you'll reach the upper area of the resort where 3 other pools are located.

There's another huge pool with a long slide, plus a jacuzzi at the far end of the pool.

A few walks from this pool is another kiddie pool. While the kiddie pool in the lower area of the resort was sort of a playground, this kiddie pool has a mermaid design at the center which divides the pool area into 2.

At the highest part of the resort is where an infinity pool is situated. This part of the resort was what I loved the most.

Among the pools in the resort, this for me has the most unique design. With the man-made rock formation and cross plus the bridge leading to a tree house, this area somewhat brought me closer to nature as well as to God. :)

Our tour around the resort got us all hungry so we got back to our cottage to have some lunch. I just don't know with the rest of the cottage areas, but there weren't any barbecue pits and sinks in our area. Good thing we brought cooked food for lunch.

IMG_3887- IMG_3888-

We had some sushi, pancit malabon, pork steak, fried tilapia, and ensaladang mangga for lunch and we also had a lot of chips, water, and softdrinks. :)

IMG_3867 IMG_3870
IMG_3883-Pork Steak (Click HERE for the recipe)

IMG_3886- IMG_3885

After lunch, we rested for a while and then continued on with an afternoon dip.

Since the upper area of the resort was a little far from our cottage, we just settled with the nearer pools, those with slides.

The kiddie pool was actually were we stayed most of the time! The kids and the kids at heart will definitely enjoy this place. :p

We all had a great time and all of us enjoyed. The whole place was clean, the pools were clean as well and lifeguards are present in every pool. For an entrance fee of Php 150.00 for adults and Php 100.00 for kids, with the resort's beautiful ambience, it was such a great deal. Night swimming and overnight stay also come in affordable rates.

Cristina Villas surely is one of the nicest resorts in Antipolo. Another reason why I love spending summer with my family in my hometown! :)

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