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Tree Top Adventure Subic

Aside from the lovely beaches, hotels, and restaurants, Subic is also known for its adventure spots.  Mark and I have already been to Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, but there's one more place that we haven't been to, and that's Tree Top Adventure. So after a hearty breakfast at Asian Spices, Mark and I went off for some extreme adventure! :D

We went straight to the information area and were ushered to the holding area for some briefing. Together with the rest of the guests, we got briefed on the different adventures and adventure packages that we mail avail at Tree Top.  After which, we were asked to fill up a form and pay at the cashier.

There were a number of adventures to choose from which you may avail separately or through adventure packages which come in a more affordable price. Mark chose the Adventure Package E which includes Canopy Ride and Canopy Walk, Superman Ride, and Tree Drop Adventure. Rate is at Php 620.00/person. These adventures really made Mark excited but not the scaredy cat in me, so I just opted for Adventure Package B. The package is almost the same with package E, with Canopy Ride, Canopy Walk, and Superman Ride, but just minus the Tree Drop Adventure.  Rate is at Php 500.00/person.

Mark and I first went to try the Canopy Ride.  We had a little briefing, were equipped with harnesses and hard hats, and then off we went!

IMG_1024Canopy Ride

Just like every extreme sport which involves heights, the scariest part for me would always be the part wherein you'll have climb a flight of stairs to the reach the platform, mount the ride/machine, on a platform way above the ground, and then let go! I just always have a hard time in letting go. Haha!

Unlike ziplines where you will be harnessed lying on your stomach (or in a seating or standing position), the Canopy Ride was a lot less scarier, even though we were up to 100 feet above the ground, because we were seated on motorized cable rides which moves slowly as we traversed from one point to another.  I felt relieved after we reached the end of the ride, not until the staff told us that we needed to cross four more stations! Haha! Yup, there were 5 stations of motorized cable rides which we had to cross to get to the very end, which overall is up to 220 meters long.  Though I was still scared, my fear eventually withered away because of the picturesque view of the unspoiled nature, the cool breeze, and the sound of chirping birds.

My feet were still shaking and my hands were very cold even after the ride, which got even worse when we were told that we needed to cross 4 hanging bridges to get back to first station! @_@

IMG_0255 Mark just had to carry my bag because I can barely move with it since my hands won't let go of the railings haha!

I was expecting a traditional wooden hanging bridge with just ropes as railings, fortunately the suspension bridge was made from steel, which is a lot safer I guess. :D It was safe indeed since it had a rope along the trail where you should clasp your harness into, but since it's a suspension bridge, every step makes the bridge move and swing!

The whole canopy ride and walk would usually take around an hour to be completed, but it took us more than that, a little less than two hours I think, because I was just too slow, or should I say too scared, to move! Haha! :p If availed outside the package, the Canopy Ride and Walk would cost Php 350.00/person.

IMG_0258 IMG_0257

We were supposed to go the Superman Ride station next but I was really scared after the canopy ride and walk that I backed out. :(  Mark then decided to try the Tree Drop Adventure first.

After walking on a suspension bridge right to the platform, you will be harnessed facing down, and will be dropped  down from a 60-feet high tree!

IMG_0819Mark being harnessed, face-down, 60 feet above the ground!

IMG_1025The Heart-stopping Drop! :p

I was really laughing as the staff were teasing Mark as he was being harnessed. They were actually making a bet if Mark will maintain his "macho-ness" or scream in a high-pitched tone! And the result?  Watch the video below to find out! Hahaha! :p

Tree Drop Adventure

Though the drop was just a couple of seconds fast, I really wouldn't dare to try it! There were a couple of guests, guys and girls too, who tried the drop before Mark and I really admired how brave they were! Even Mark said that that would be the first and last time that he'll try the Tree Drop haha! He was still catching his breath after he descended and was saying over and over that it was as if his heart dropped and nearly stopped! :p

The Tree Drop Adventure is definitely not for the weak-hearted! Definitely not for a scaredy cat like me. It would need someone with the bravest of hearts, a great passion for extreme adventure, or just someone who's thirsty for an adrenaline rush!  Rate outside the package is at Php 150.00/person

We headed next to the Superman Ride station.  Mark was trying to convince me, as I was also trying to convince myself, to try the ride but I wasn't really up for some more adventure that time.  Alright fine, I was just really scared! Climbing up the platform was already a torture for me hahaha! And since I would not be using my ticket for the ride, Mark went off the Superman Ride alone, twice! :p

Superman Ride

The Superman Ride is basically just like a motorized zipline, but you will be securely suspended face-down, stretching your arms while holding on to the bars, and extending your feet up to the next bar. You will then soar like Superman from tree to tree which covers 2 platforms of up to 140 meters long and 100 meters high. Rate outside the package is at Php 200/person,

Though I got scared, I really enjoyed our extreme adventure. Well Mark surely did! Aside from the ones that we availed, there are also other adventures and rides that you can enjoy.

So for those of you who's into extreme sports and adventures, and at the same time love exploring the beauty of nature, the Tree Top Adventure is definitely the perfect place! :)

JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point
Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
Telefax Number: +047.252.9425
Mobile: +63.920.628.8740 / +63.932.171.5729

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