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Annoyingly Sweet!

Saw this this draft post on my folder while I was organizing the files in my pc. I originally posted this one on my Friendster page, but since I already had my account disabled, I decided to post it here. This suddenly brought me back to the times when Mark and I were just starting out as a couple. :p

Girls love surprises, right?! Especially when it's from the one they love. A box of chocolates secretly placed in her locker, a sweet "Thank you!" note slipped inside a book that was borrowed from her, a dozen red roses delivered at her office on her birthday with a note that says 'Happy Birthday Honey! I love you!' --these are just a few of the common surprises that guys do (or should i say, girls want guys to do! haha!), which never fail to give kilig moments to girls (believe me! ;p)...and well, yeah..sweet enough to win our hearts! *wink*

But as I was looking back, going through some old stuff, and thinking about these surprises, I have to say that when it comes to guys surprising girls, nothing still compares to my guy's style! ;p

I remembered one time when Mark and I were having merienda with some of my college girl friends while waiting for our next class. While we were eating and having some chit chat, Mark asked for a paper so I gave him one. My friends and I were busy talking about girly stuff while Mark was busy doing something with the paper that I gave.

Just as when we were about to leave for the next class, Mark handed me this...

...a piece of paper folded into small parts, while saying "o sayo na lang..basahin mo.."

I got really annoyed because I never saw him write anything there! arrrrghh! I knew that it was just one of the practical jokes that he loves doing on me and he also has this habit of giving me things which really pisses me off (like candy wrappers, tickets from buses, used papers, and every trash that he may have!).

And so I left it on the table but he insisted that I should open the paper and read it. I really didn't want to take it but just to make him happy, I took the paper and kept it on my pocket.

Before we leave for our next class, I went to the washroom to freshen up, and of course, to throw the paper without Mark seeing it. :p But honestly I also got curious on what's in that paper so I took it out and unfolded it..hehehe..

Upon seeing what's in the paper, I decided not to throw it anymore. All that I could say was "Si Euge talaga oh!"..

I really don't understand why he had to do things that annoy me..but I must admit..during that time, it was annoyingly sweet! :D 

By the way, this was what I saw when I unfolded the paper...

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