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Sonya's Garden

After our Corregidor trip, Mark and I were up early the next morning and hit the road to Tagaytay. Since our hotel reservation is still in the afternoon, we decided to have our breakfast first at Sonya's Garden.

On our way to Tagaytay, while stuck in traffic along SLEX :p

Their staff welcomed us as we entered the restaurant and ushered us to our seats as she handed us the menu.  Sonya's Garden offers a buffet breakfast which is a choice of Filipino or Continental style.  I ordered the Filipino breakfast while Mark chose the latter. Breakfast is served from 8am-9:30am and rate is Php 427.00 per person.

While waiting for our orders. :D

The whole place is actually a garden, thus the name, which was supposed to be the owner's (Sonya) private paradise, open only to family and friends and eventually, friends of friends. She just opened the doors of her secret garden to the public in February 1998 in time for Valentine's Day.

The location of our table gave us an ample view of the whole restaurant which I got to take some photos of while waiting for our orders. :) I loved the homey yet elegant and romantic ambience of the English garden restaurant.

It's structure made the place be bathed by the morning sunlight. It was also well ventilated and I loved that there were plants all over the place and we were even serenaded by the chirps of the birds as we eat our breakfast.

Mark's Continental breakfast was served first. The Continental breakfast consists of fried potato with herbs, fried white cheese with honey and herbs, ham and cheese omelet, bread and home-made jam, sausages, cereals with fresh milk and fruits. My Filipino breakfast came next and consisted of fried rice, pork and chicken adobo, fried boneless bangus, omelet.  Both breakfast choices also include fresh fruits in season and a choice of hot chocolate and coffee.

Mark and I both enjoyed everything on our table except for the fresh fruits, white cheese, and coffee. :p Mangoes and melons were served for the fresh fruits.  The mangoes were big but were too sour. The melon's texture was a bit different as it feels like it was soaked in water, I don't know but there's just something different with it.

Mangoes and Melons

The cheese was a bit salty and sour and gooey, and although there was a hint of sweetness because of the honey, there was a bitter aftertaste. It was my first time to try white cheese and I didn't like it. :(

Fried White Cheese with Honey and Herbs

The coffee, which was kapeng barako from Batangas, was way too strong for me.  I had to put in all the sugar sachets that came with it, but it still tasted bitter.  I loved Mark's hot chocolate though!  It's just like the tablea chocolates that my mom prepares as chocolate drink for Noche Buena.

Mark's cereal bowl was okay.  It had corn flakes, raisins, and fresh cow's milk.

Baked oven-fresh from their in-house Panaderia (bakery), this basket of warm whole wheat sesame bread was to die for! It was very soft and very aromatic.

Whole Wheat Sesame Bread

The bread is perfect for their home-made  jams and their sausages. Mark and I both loved the pineapple jam! It was not too sweet and just had the right amount of that tangy kick. :)  The sausages, which I'm not sure if they're chicken or beef, were also delicious!

Home-made Strawberry, Pineapple, and Tomato Jams


The fried rice and omelet were okay.  Both dishes weren't oily.  There was also a generous amount of ham and cheese in the omelet, but I still prefer my mom's traditional omelet with tomatoes and onions. :)

Fried Rice

Ham and Cheese Omelet

The adobo were more like adobo flakes but it was good.  The pork and chicken flakes were tender and had that right amount of sweetness, sourness, and saltiness of the usual adobo dish.

Pork and Chicken Adobo

The fried boneless bangus and mango salsa were what I loved the most.  I love fishes that are perfectly fried making it crispy, and I don't eat bangus unless it's daing and boneless, and so this dish was perfect for me. :D   The fish was not too salty and the distinct sour and garlic-y taste was there. The fish and mango salsa were a perfect pair!

Fried Boneless Bangus

Mangoes with Tomatoes and Herbs

Everything on our table already had generous servings which Mark and I enjoyed.  But what we enjoyed the most was the free refill! Yup, every dish may be refilled up to your heart's (or should I say stomach's) desire. :p  Mark had several rounds of the bread, pineapple jam, and sausages, while I had rounds of bangus and salsa! :D

After our sumptuous breakfast, we got to roam around the place and enjoy the picturesque sight. All those lush greens and colorful flowers were an eye candy for me!

IMG_5848 IMG_5849
There were also these weird-but-cute-looking plants.

We also enjoyed sitting and lying down on these comfy garden couches and beds. Oh I can sit here or lie down forever! :D

Sonya's Garden also offers bed and breakfast. They have some houses and villas which may be booked for those who want to experience country-style living.

Sonya's Garden also houses a bakery and a country store.


Mark and I both enjoyed our first time at Sonya's Garden so we will definitely get back and try their eat all you can set lunch and dinner. :p

Barangay Buck Estate
Alfonso, Cavite (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City)
+639175329097 / +639175335140 / +639175231080

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