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Second Time at Meat Plus Cafe

I have already tried dining at Meat Plus Café with Mark and his family when we got to Subic a couple of years back.

Mark and I got to try this restaurant for the second time when we got back to Subic early this year.  Meat Plus Café is just less than a minute drive from Segara Villas and Suites.  So after an afternoon nap at the hotel, Mark and I decided to have some snacks at Meat Plus.

Mark and I while waiting for our orders. :)

We both love eating burgers so we got the same order, Meat Plus Burger with fries and a choice of soda or iced tea.  We also had a slice of their New York Cheesecake for dessert.

Our drinks were served first and then came the cheesecake.  Yup, Mark and I usually have our desserts served with our orders. Most of the time, we even start eating our desserts first haha! :p

Iced Tea

It was served frozen and so it was as if we're eating an ice cream cake, but it was so good!  The crust had that buttery taste which gave the cake just the right amount of saltiness. I also loved the combination of sour, sweet, and salty taste of the cream cheese.  The slice was also big enough for two.  


New York Cheesecake - Php 195.00

Our burgers came a little after we finished our cheesecake.  I liked that the thickly-cut fries were not oily and not too salty.  It tasted good as is but I enjoyed dipping it in the tomato catsup. The burger has a slice of cheese sandwiched in flame-grilled beef patties topped with a slice of onion.

Meat Plus Burger with Fries and Iced Tea - Php 210.00

The burger didn't have a dressing so I topped mine with the coleslaw that came with it, but you may also opt to add mayo and catsup which are readily available. The beef patties were very juicy and flavorful.  I loved its peppery and flame-grilled taste.  I enjoyed eating my burger except for the onion which was so overpowering.  I had to remove all the rest and leave only a single onion ring.  I also thought it would be a lot better if there were more cheese slices! :p

On the first photo above, the boy says: "I can't leave Subic without eating at Meat Plus!". Well I guess that cute little boy was right! :D Mark and I enjoyed our second time in Meat Plus and we'll definitely come back when we get back to Subic. :D

Bldg. 65 Sampson Rd.
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Olongapo City

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