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Corregidor Inn

The Corregidor Halloween Treat that Mark and I availed already includes overnight accommodation and meals at Corregidor Inn.  According to our tour guide Uncle Bob, Corregidor Inn is the most popular hotel in the island, well since it is the only hotel in the island of course. Haha!

Corregidor Inn

Mark and I were given a twin-sharing room at the second floor of Corregidor Inn.  Our room was not that glamorous, but it was air-conditioned, clean, and big enough for two. Also very evident in our room, and the whole of the hotel itself, are the furniture and fixtures made of wood and rattan, very typical in a Filipino house especially during the old times.

These two single beds were what welcomed us as we entered the room.  Both beds and pillows were soft, and wrapped in clean white linens and were decent enough for a sound sleep.

The bed near the door has a small chair and in between the beds is a table with lamp, a magazine, and hotel feedback/suggestions sheets.

Next to the other bed is a dresser which I found a bit weird because also located on top of it are a telephone, kettle, ice box, and glasses.  I don't know but was a bit off for me.

I thought that they should just have placed the kitchenware on another table, even a small one, on the other end of the room right across the dresser since there's still space. The dresser is where I usually put my things and where I usually do the girly stuff, which I just find so hard to do with those kitchenware on top of it.  Well I didn't use the dresser anyway so who am I to complain? Haha!

Across the bed is a spacious cabinet with nothing but drawers, hangers, and an extra pillow.  I don't know if it's just me, but I just find the cabinet a little scary which is why I didn't choose to sleep on the bed right across it, Mark did hahaha! :p

Next to the cabinet, just right across the room entrance, is the restroom.  Having seen our room, and knowing that the hotel is already old, I already didn't expect a lavish restroom.  The restroom was clean (though some water stains were evident) and was spacious enough for a person to move around.  There was no bidet but a dipper came in handy.

We were also provided with towels and very basic sachets. I've already stayed in budget hotels but it was just my first time to see toiletries in sachets and I just find it strange. :p Plus there wasn't even a dental kit provided.  Good thing Mark and I always bring our own towels, toiletries, and dental kits whenever we travel. :)

A wall with a wooden door separates the toilet from the bathroom. There was a hot and cold shower which was working well.

DSC09199 DSC09200

There was no exhaust fan and a small window was kept open for ventilation.  Aside from the incomplete toiletries, I wasn't really happy with their defective restroom door. Its lock was kinda loose and so it kept on  banging, because of the wind from the ventilation, even if the door was closed and locked. I actually had a hard time sleeping and initially thought that someone was knocking from inside the bathroom! It really sounded as if someone was struggling to get out. I even had to wake Mark up just for him to check hahaha! And so we just kept the door open and there, the knocking was gone hahaha! That door really scared the hell out of me!

All rooms in the hotel aren't equipped with television, but a common TV is available at the hotel's lobby.  Board games may also be rented at the reception.  Staying in the island will surely make you always on the go and out of your rooms most of the time, so who needs TVs and board games anyway? :p

Amenities and Outdoor Activities
Speaking of being always on the go, aside from the guided island tour, you may also enjoy different outdoor activities in the island, which Mark and I got to enjoy on our second day at the island.  Corregidor Inn has an outdoor swimming pool, just a few walks away from the hotel, which guests may use for free.  It is open from 7AM-11PM.

There are also a lot of outdoor activities that you can avail for an extra charge, one of which is the Rocket Zipline which Mark and I tried.  For Php 150.00 per person, you will be transported from the hotel grounds (near the pool area) to the beach.

Being the scaredy cat that I am when it comes to heights, I nearly backed out and just insisted that I just take the 5-minute walk from the hotel to the beach hahaha!

But Mark was a lot more insistent and kept on teasing me because an old lady (who I think was on her 60's) who went ahead of me did it bravely, and so there, I had no choice but to give in.

Plus the zipline just needs you to sit, unlike in MOA Zipline where you lie facing down, so it somehow lessened my fear. :p

I was smiling here but I was really scared to death! I can't even let go and jump out from the platform haha!

Most of the riders were spreading their arms as they glide down, but the scaredy cat in me just won't let go of the rope hahaha!

At the end of the zipline is the beach where Mark and I enjoyed a fun and relaxing dip.

And if you've been reading my posts, I'm sure by now you already know what Mark loves to do whenever we're on beaches or pools, right? :p

La Playa Restaurant

2 buffet lunch, 1 set dinner, and 1 set breakfast meals were also included in our Corregidor Halloween Treat.   Our meals were served at Corregidor Inn's in-house restaurant, the La Playa Restaurant.

Here are what we had for lunch after our morning tour.  The buffet includes mostly chicken and pork dishes, salad, dessert, and fruits.  

Since Mark was on a diet and I was not allowed to eat a lot because of my condition, Mark got their chicken dish which was more like chicken afritada while I got the veggie salad and watermelon for lunch.  I was still kinda hungry so I got a little serving of the spaghetti, which I must say was very delicious! I love the generous amount of tomatoes and cheese in it. :D

Mark and I also got hungry after our day tour which ended around 2PM, so we deviated from our diet and got back to the restaurant for some snacks. :p Mark got chicken inasal while I ordered their spaghetti since I loved the one that we had during lunch.

The chicken inasal was a bit small and tasted ordinary according to Mark.

Chicken Inasal - Php 183.60

The spaghetti was very much different from what I had during lunch, but it was still delicious.  It didn't have any meatballs though, but the sauce was meaty. :p

Spaghetti with Meatballs - Php 179.01

We had our dinner after our night activities.  The set dinner includes a cabbage soup and roasted chicken with rice and corn kernels.  The soup was bland and the cabbage strips were raw.  The chicken was just so-so and its sauce was a little too salty. I loved the corns though.

Our set breakfast includes a choice of hot chocolate or coffee and fried rice with corned beef and scrambled eggs.  I actually enjoyed eating the corned beef.  I haven't eaten corned beef for years I think haha!

We had another buffet lunch at the hotel just before we headed back to Manila.  The buffet was quite similar to what we had the day before, with chicken and pork dishes again, aside from the desserts section having biko instead of buko pandan.

Mark and I got the same food, but he had more servings. He also had two rounds of his favorite biko. :p

The restaurant's food is okay but not really something to drool on. But I must say that I love their spaghetti! :) There were only a few food choices but they were enough to provide us energy for the activities for the day. The staff was attentive and friendly too.

Mark and I on the tramvia on our way to the boarding area back to Manila :)

And as I've said, although the accommodation and food were not something to rave about, the adventures that we had, the knowledge that we gained, and the beauty of the island along with its wonderful history were what really made our stay in Corregidor a lot more fun and enjoyable. :)

Corregidor Island, Cavite City

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