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Asian Spices Bar and Restaurant

Asian Spices Bar and Restaurant, housed inside the Segara Villas and Suites, is where Mark and I had our lunch as we arrived in Subic from Manila.

Mark and I also liked the restaurant's ambience just as how we fell in love with Segara Suites. The restaurant is chic and elegantly designed and decorated in shades of gold, ochre, and earth tones.

IMG_0568 IMG_0569

Also very evident in the restaurant's interior are the Balinese accents.

Here's Mark fooling around and making the Shunya Mudra gesture.

Asian Spices offers a variety of food choices from Southeast Asia. Their menu includes a mix of Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, and Malaysian cuisine.  Mark and I had a hard time in choosing what to have for lunch, good thing the waiting staff suggested that we try their set lunch as this already includes their specialties as main dish.

Asian Spices' set lunch comes with a drink, appetizer, main course, and dessert.  I had iced tea while Mark chose pandan juice for the drinks.  The iced tea was a bit sweet that I had to pour water in it to balance out the sweetness.  The pandan juice on the other hand was bland and tasted like, well, pandan of course haha! :p

Fried spring rolls was served for appetizer.  Mark and I got a serving each.  The spring rolls were not too oily and had that distinct Thai herb taste.  I enjoyed dipping it in the sweet and sour vinegar that came with it.

The crunchy wrap and soft noodles in the spring rolls was a good combination.  Flavors of herbs were also bursting in my mouth in every bite. Mark and I both agreed that the spring rolls were a perfect way to jump start our lunch.  I even kept on telling Mark that the spring rolls would be perfect with steamed rice haha! :p

For the main dish, Mark chose the Pineapple Spareribs while I chose the Segara Chicken.  Each dish was served with steamed rice and buttered veggies.

The pork was very tender and falls off the bone.  The sweet and sour taste coming from the pineapples gave the dish a tangy kick.  The Segara Chicken was equally delicious. It tasted very much like our very own Chicken Adobo, but a little sweet and with a distinct flavor which is coming from the sesame seeds.

Mark and I were already full from our food but we still drooled when our dessert was served.  Mark and I got a slice each of this decadent and moist chocolate cake.  Every spoonful was just heavenly!  Need I say more? :p

Mark and I both enjoyed our lunch and went out from the restaurant with happy tummies! For Php 470.00 each, the set lunch was indeed a great deal. :) 

Our accommodation at Segara Suites also include daily breakfasts.  For every night that you availed, you will be given a breakfast order that includes the menu for breakfast which you will have to fill out and hang by the door knob before 10pm.  A choice of Filipino-style or American-style breakfast is available and there is a variety of food that you can mix and match.

For the Filipino-style breakfast, Mark chose beef tapa with scrambled egg, and orange juice for his drink.  I opted for pork tocino, scrambled egg, and apple juice.

IMG_0810 IMG_0812

The beef tapa was very tender and not too salty.  The pork tocino had the right amount of sweetness and saltiness which I loved and it was also very tender.  Both our dishes had generous servings.

For the American-style breakfast, Mark chose orange juice while I chose apple juice for our drinks.  A choice of bread with butter and jam or cereals with milk is available.  Mark and I chose the latter.


IMG_0938 IMG_0933

Mark had koko crunch while I had corn flakes.  Both were served with a choice of fresh or low-fat milk.

Scrambled, sunny-side-up, or poached eggs are also available and each egg dish come with a hashbrown plus a choice of sweet ham, sausage, bacon, or luncheon meat.  Mark chose bacon and scrambled egg while I settled for sausage and scrambled egg.

Our breakfast plates had generous servings. Except for the hashbrown which was a bit oily, Mark and I both enjoyed our breakfast.

Overall, our dining experience at Asian Spices was superb.  With good food, generous servings, beautiful presentation, nice ambience, and courteous service, it's a two-thumbs-up for Asian Spices! :)

Segara Villas and Suites
Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Olongapo, Philippines
Tel: +
Mobile: +63.921.330.8024, +63.922.8.SEGARA

Operating Hours:
7:00am-10:00pm Sun-Thur
7:00am-12:00am Fri-Sat

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