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Claw Daddy at Robinsons Magnolia

Mark and I usually frequent the Gateway Mall during weekends. Unlike other huge malls, Gateway mall only has limited stores and restaurants which easily becomes crowded especially when there are events in the nearby Smart Araneta Center, just like one weekend during the UAAP Men's Basketball match for the final four. We went to Gateway for dinner but the place was packed! Mark was really hungry that he can't take having to wait in long queues just to eat. Good thing there's Robinsons Magnolia. :)

Robinsons Magnolia opened last August and since Mark and I are both first-timers at the mall, we decided to check the place out. There were still a lot of stores and restaurants under construction, so after ruminating on which among Yabu, Buffet 101, Pancake House, and Claw Daddy to have dinner in, we finally agreed on the latter.

There was a lady staff at the restaurant's entrance who was all smiles as she greeted us 'good morning'! It was past 9pm then so Mark and I couldn't help but laugh. Mark even told her to calm down as she looked tensed to see Mark's handsome face that's why she lost track of the time. Haha!

IMG_5450Complimentary Corn on the Cob

We were ushered to our seats and another staff attended to our orders. After placing our orders, we were served with a complimentary corn on the cob.

Mark and I didn't opt for their crabs since they're a little messy and tiring to eat. Mark chose their beef ribs which comes with two side dishes. Mark got their mashed potato and their dirty rice. Mark knows that I am not a fan of strong flavors like Persian or Mexican dishes but he insisted that I give the rice a try. I can already smell the pungent aroma of the rice but I surprisingly loved its taste. The flavors weren't that strong and were pleasing to my palates. The mashed potato was also good as it had that creamy taste and a hint of saltiness. The chunks of potatoes also added texture to the dish. And for the beef, the meat wasn't a fall-off-the-bone thing but it was tender and it had that piquant taste.

IMG_5460Bountiful Beef Ribs - Php 508.00

The dish was good but we still felt that something's missing. Mark and I agreed that Rack's still has the best-tasting ribs, but maybe a little more barbecue sauce on Claw Daddy's ribs would seal the deal. :)

I was craving for pizza that time so I chose to have the 3-Cheese and Garlic pizza. It came in a square dough and it had mozzarella, cheddar, and bleu cheese.  The smell of the pizza was heavenly but I actually didn't like the taste of it.  The distinct garlic taste of the usual cheese and garlic pizzas was a bit different in Claw Daddy's pizza.  I think the garlic was cooked first before putting them into the pizza, thus the bitter taste.  Mark and I can't seem to finish our pizza even if we had just one slice each because it was also too oily.

IMG_54593-Cheese and Garlic Pizza - Php 295.00

I also ordered their Classic Rustic Carbonara. There's nothing really special about this dish except for the generous amount of bacon and the crispy toasts. The dish was bland and I even had to sprinkle almost half a bottle of the parmesan cheese just so my carbonara would taste a little less disappointing. I also didn't finish this plate and just had it wrapped together with the pizza. I wasn't lucky with my orders that time so Mark ended up having to share his food. Haha!

IMG_5461Classic Rustic Carbonara - Php 365.00

Our first time at Claw Daddy was just okay. The food that we got were not something to rave about. Maybe we should try their crabs next time. Service was also not that impeccable. Mark and I had a hard time dealing with the staff as we literally can't understand what he's saying since he has colds. He also always got our orders wrong which made me little pissed. Good thing another staff came to the rescue.

I actually didn't mind when Mark first told me that the lady staff were eying on him and had that glow in their eyes whenever they come to our table. But I was able to prove this a couple of times when 1-different lady staff who were all-smiles were attending to us (I think there were 3) and immediately notice every time Mark raises his hand; and 2-one of the staff forgot to refill my glass of iced tea after she finished refilling Mark's, she just smiled and immediately went off after Mark said thank you. She just returned only after another staff told her that she forgot to refill mine. I actually don't mind them being attracted to Mark for as long as they're doing their job well. :)

IMG_5458Mark and I :D

By the way, above is a photo of Mark and I, and since he knew that he was being eyed on, he intentionally didn't smile because he said he doesn't want Claw Daddy's lady staff to go gaga over him! Ugh! :p

Sorry for the poor photos. I think my ever reliable camera phone wasn't in the mood that time! Haha! :p

CLAWDADDY, Robinsons Magnolia
Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St.
Quezon City, Philippines

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