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Kenny Rogers Roasters

After our workout, Mark and I went to Robinsons Place to have our dinner. Since we just had our workout, we thought of having something that is healthy but still delicious. With this in mind, our feet brought us to Kenny Rogers. :D

Mark got what he usually gets every time we dine at Kenny Rogers, the Grilled Fish Fillet. :p The dish includes a grilled fish fillet (cream dory I think), a choice of regular side dish, and garlic rice. The grilled fish is well seasoned and is made more delectable with the sauce that came with it. For the side dish, Mark chose macaroni and cheese.

Grilled Fish Fillet - Php195.00

The workout got me all hungry and I wasn't really minding all the calories that time so I got the Burger Steak. :p The dish includes a 1/3-pound grilled beef patty topped with sliced mushrooms and gravy, a choice of regular side dish, and plain rice. I've tried this dish before and it kept me coming back. The beef patty is grilled giving it a distinct, fuller taste. It's juicy and slightly oily but who cares, that's where the flavors are! Haha! For the side dish, I always choose mashed potato with gravy, but that time I was craving for chicken macaroni. :)

Burger Steak - Php 165.00

For the drinks, I got a glass of four seasons while Mark opted for Pepsi Light.

Four Seasons and Pepsi Light

While at the ordering area, I was telling Mark how I also loved their cheese burger which I think got him drooling so we ordered two for take out. :p After dinner we went to the hotel's jacuzzi. We initially planned of eating the burgers while at the jacuzzi but we were still full so we just ate them in our room as midnight snacks while watching movie after our relaxing dip. :)


Just like the beef patty in the Burger Steak, the burger is grilled, which gives it a distinct, fuller taste. Unlike other burger patties, Kenny Rogers patty is packed with meat. It is sandwiched in whole grain buns with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes. The slight oiliness of the patty is balanced which still makes it healthy, or so I think?! Haha!

IMG_4959Cheese Burger - Php 145.00

KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS, Robinsons Place Manila
Level 1 Robinsons Place Manila
Padre Faura St.
Ermita, Manila
536-7876 / 536-7879

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