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Dining at Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Aside from the clean and cozy rooms, Lotus Garden Hotel also boasts of its in-house restaurant and sports bar where guests can enjoy Filipino delicacies while unwinding and relaxing over a variety of drinks.

The Cilantro Restaurant provides guests with a fine dining pleasure while savoring a choice of Filipino dishes. Our accommodation at the Lotus Garden Hotel comes with a breakfast buffet for two per overnight stay. And since we booked the room for 3 days and 2 nights, we got to have breakfast buffet at the Cilantro Restaurant for two days! :D

The buffet opens at six in the morning. Breakfast stubs are claimed at the reception.  On our first breakfast, we arrived a little after nine and so we had to wait a little for seats to be vacated.  On our second breakfast, we came in earlier around 8 am and got the liberty to choose our seats. :D

The buffet starts with the soup and salad section. They serve one soup and a simple garden salad with lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, and salad dressing.

Breakfast Day2: Mushroom Soup and Garden Salad
Breakfast Day3: Lomi Soup and Garden Salad

The main dish section comes right after the soup and salad section.

Breakfast Day2: White Rice, Picadillo, Chicken Hotdog, Pineapples and Papaya

Breakfast Day3: White Rice, Waffles and Wheat Bread, Chicken Pastel, Hotdogs, Bananas and Papaya

The buffet also caters to guests who are not into heavy breakfasts, with their cereals and breads section.

There are 2 choices of cereals plus milk, white bread, wheat bread, and buns, plus jams and butter.  They also have an oven toaster for those who care for some toasts.

Aside from the main dish section, they also have the Filipino corner complete with a nipa hut design with Banderitas, Salakot, Bilao, and Abaniko. :D

Breakfast Day2: Turon, Pancit Bihon, Fried Rice, Chicken Adobo, Sardines

Breakfast Day3: Fresh Carabao's Milk, Puto, Fried Rice, Chicken Adobo, Chicken Tocino

At the end of the buffet is the drinks section where guests get to choose from orange juice, pineapple juice, coffee, or iced water. Also at the far end is a staff who cooks the eggs. Guests may choose to have their eggs cooked sunny-side-up or scrambled.

The buffet on our first breakfast was okay but not the dishes were not something to rave about.  I loved the picadillo and scrambled eggs though. :D

Buffet Breakfast - Day 2

On our second breakfast, there was also nothing extra-ordinary.  Though most of the dishes were new, the chicken adobo was still included at the Filipino corner.  I was expecting something different like tapa maybe. :p  And I think the hotel's overflowing with papaya fruits as they were also included in the 2nd day's buffet haha! I still enjoyed the scrambled eggs though. :D

Buffet Breakfast - Day 3

It was also only on the second breakfast when I noticed the display of these cute dolls on the wall.

There were different dolls with costumes from different countries. :D

Relaxing and unwinding with a cool glass of wine after dining is also made possible by Lotus Garden Hotel with their Wings Over Manila Sports Bar.


A few steps from the Cilantro Restaurant is a cozy ambiance and a wide variety of cocktails drinks, wines, and other beverages plus a billiard table which guests may use. I'm just not sure if it's with an extra charge.

The Cilantro Restaurant also offers dishes for lunch and dinner and the Wings Over Manila Sports Bar sure is a perfect place to spend with after dining, but we opted to dine and chill out elsewhere since we are just a few walks away from Robinsons Place and there are also a lot of bars nearby. :)

1277 A. Mabini cor. Padre Faura Sts.
Ermita Manila, Philippines
Tel: +632 525-1515
Fax: +632 522-0768

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